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The Equal Opportunity & Academic Compliance Office offers several training opportunities regarding state and federal non-discrimination laws, as well as KU Medical Center policies and procedures that prohibit harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct, and sexual violence and promote equal opportunity. The EOAC trainings are intended to provide general knowledge and understanding of one's rights and responsibilities under these laws and policies and to identify opportunities for furthering KU Medical Center's efforts to provide safe and inclusive working and learning environments.  EOAC provides annual mandatory training through The Learning Connection platform and additionally offers in-person training, upon request. 


University Equal Opportunity Rights and Responsibilities: This training provides a general overview of the University's Non-Discrimination Policy as well as the discrimination complaint resolution process and the responsibilities of all KU Medical Center members to help prevent discrimination and harassment and to support equal opportunities for all. 

Promoting Safety in the KUMC Community: This training provides an overview of KU Medical Center's policies on the prevention of sexual violence and the prevention of workplace and campus violence.  It also offers suggestions on how to reduce the risk of violence on campus. 


Preventing Harassment in the Workplace:  This training covers a more in depth discussion of what is harassment through a variety of complex hypothetical scenarios. Those who participate in this training will be given advice on how to tactfully and sensitively communicate with a student, peer, or colleague who is sharing their experience. Additionally, participants will be instructed on how to report information to EOAC and what campus and community support resources are available to students, faculty, and staff who allege to be the victim of or have been accused of harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct or sexual violence.

Understanding Your Title IX Rights: This training reviews the KUMC Title IX Policy with an emphasis on defining sex discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual violence.  Video simulations will be used to facilitate discussion on how to identify harassment, how to sensitively communicate with potential victims, and what it means to be an active bystander.  Participants will be instructed on how to report information to EOAC and what resources are available to students, faculty and staff who allege to be the victim or have been accused of harassment, discrimination, sexual misconduct or sexual violence.  This training is especially ideal for students or those who instruct, advise, work with or otherwise engage with students in an academic setting. 

Recognizing Unconscious Bias: This training will address how unconscious bias negatively affects the workplace, interactions with our colleagues, and impacts productivity.  Participants will engage in exercises to explore the ways in which unconscious bias can appear in our work and everyday decisions. The training will also provide resources and strategies to recognize unconscious bias and remove its effects from decision-making. This training is especially ideal for hiring managers and other members of University search and selection committees.

Recruiting and Hiring Best Practices:  This training will review affirmative action law and KU Medical Center's obligations as a federal contractor with an emphasis on the benefits of a diversified workforce.  Participants will be given guidance on how to recruit a more diverse applicant pool and ways to promote and ensure an equal opportunity for all qualified applicants in the hiring process. 


To schedule in-person training for your department, please contact the Equal Opportunity & Academic Compliance Office at or (913) 588-8011. 



Last modified: Jul 26, 2018
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