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Religious Accommodation

KU Medical Center is committed to providing an academic and work environment that is respectful of the religious diversity of its students and employees. In furtherance of that commitment, the University will make good faith efforts to provide reasonable religious accommodations to those whose sincerely held religious beliefs, practices or observances conflict with University policies, procedures or other employment or academic requirements. Such accommodations must not fundamentally alter the integrity of the University's mission, affect the University's commitment to patient care, or otherwise create an undue hardship.

The KU Medical Center Religious Accommodation Policy establishes procedures for requesting accommodations under various circumstances, including, for example:

 For Learners:

  • The University will make reasonable efforts to accommodate timely requests for absences associated with religious observances.
  • A learner may request to be excused from participating in specific health care and/or research procedures or other educational experiences where such care or experiences presents a conflict with the student's religious beliefs.
  • Learners are still responsible for the knowledge of such procedures or educational experiences.

For University Employees:

  • The University will make reasonable efforts to accommodate an employee's requests for absences which may include allowing flexible arrival or departure times, providing floating or optional holidays, allowing flexible work breaks, considering schedule substitutions with colleagues of substantially similar qualifications, or providing other reasonable adjustments to their regular work hours.
  • An employee may request to be relieved from participating in an aspect of a patient's care or treatment in situations where the prescribed care or treatment presents a conflict with the employee's religious beliefs.

For any KUMC member:

  • The University will make reasonable efforts to accommodate requests for specific religious attire, dress or grooming, quiet spaces or time for prayer, or to engage in other religious practices that are a requirement of religious observance.

If you wish to request a religious accommodation, please complete the Religious Accommodation Request Form. The request will be submitted to the appropriate Associate Dean or Human Resources representative for review and disposition.


Federal government guidelines on religious accommodation for employees

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Last modified: Feb 25, 2021
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