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Marital Status/Parental Status

Title IX prohibits colleges and universities from denying an applicant or student access to, or participation in, educational programs and activities based on sex, including parental status.

Parental Status discrimination also involves denying an applicant or student the benefits of, or participation in, educational or training programs or activities, or treating an applicant, staff employee, faculty member, or student unfavorably because of that individual's status as a parent. 

Parental Status is the status of an individual who, with respect to an individual who is under the age of 18 or who is 18 or older but is incapable of self-care because of a physical or mental disability, is: a biological parent, an adoptive parent, a foster parent, a stepparent, a custodian of a legal ward, in loco parentis over such individual, or actively seeking legal custody or adoption of such an individual

Marital Status discrimination involves treating an applicant, staff employee, faculty member, or student unfavorably because of their status as either a married or single person.

If you believe you have been subjected to parental or marital status discrimination or have witnessed such discrimination, please contact the EOO office at (913) 588-8011, or click here to file a complalint online.

Relevant Discrimination Laws:

Federal law on parental status discrimination:  Executive Order 13160

Federal law on marital status discrimination:  Civil Service Reform Act

Last modified: Oct 14, 2020
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