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Discrimination Complaint Resolution Process


The University of Kansas Medical Center is committed to resolving discrimination complaints in a timely and effective manner and providing prompt corrective action if discrimination is believed to have occurred. The discrimination complaint resolution process assures that the rights of all individuals involved in an investigation are protected.  An individual who is the subject of a complaint is provided with the opportunity to respond thoroughly and to know the outcome.  The complainant, as well as the individual who is the subject of a complaint, are protected from reprisal and retaliation. The investigation is kept as confidential as is possible in each situation.  Individuals who do not believe that they have been treated fairly during an investigation have recourse pursuant to existing university policies. 

Any person involved in an investigation or considering filing a complaint is encouraged to review the Discrimination Complaint Resolution Process which describes in detail the investigation procedure and the rights and responsibilities of all individuals involved in the complaint process.   

For additional questions or to file a complaint, contact:
Natalie Holick, Director
Equal Opportunity and Academic Compliance
(913) 588-8011 direct phone line
711 TTY


Last modified: Jul 26, 2018
Contact EOAC


 Natalie Holick
Chief Compliance Officer
Institution Title IX Coordinator
Mail Stop 7004
3901 Rainbow Blvd
Kansas City, KS 66160

913-588-1224 FAX