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Compliance Program

Statement of Commitment to Integrity and Ethical Conduct

The University of Kansas stands committed to upholding our core institutional values, including:

  • Integrity;
  • Commitment to excellence and academic freedom;
  • Disciplined inquiry in the search of knowledge;
  • Multicultural and intellectual diversity;
  • Respect for the dignity and rights of the individual; and
  • Inclusion, transparency, freedom of expression, and communication.

KU is fully committed to these values in everything we do. All members of our university community are expected to fulfill ethical and other professional standards at all times. Additionally, we abide by federal and state laws and other regulations, as well as follow policies set by the Kansas Board of Regents and the university.

As members of our university community, we are mindful of the obligation to report suspected wrongdoing that adversely affects the university. KU is committed to providing an environment of integrity that encourages the disclosure of violations of law, policy, and other standards to the university administration while protecting from reprisal its employees and other members of its community who make a good-faith disclosure of suspected wrongful conduct occurring at the university.

Questions or concerns regarding a violation of the law, policy, or other standards should be discussed with your immediate supervisor. Alternatively, reports can be made through the KU Institutional Hotline, which is hosted by Lighthouse Services, a third-party hotline provider. Information about the hotline and how to create an online or telephonic report is available by consulting the university's whistleblower policy or at Individuals making reports may choose to remain anonymous.

As Jayhawks, we all share the responsibility for preserving these values and promoting a positive and productive environment for the entire community.

Last modified: Jul 27, 2021
Institutional Hotline

To anonymously report suspected university violations or concerns:

Please Call: 844-420-9065

Click here to make an online report or for more information

Please note: For University of Kansas Health Systems issues contact UKHS Compliance Hotline - 913-588-5434

This is not a 911 Emergency Service