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Serving Communities

We host a variety of educational events in Kansas communities and provide support for health initiatives directed by Kansas communities.

StarCommunity sevice activities

StarCommunity outreach

  • Center for American Indian Community Health — a program that develops and implements programs to close health disparities among American Indians in rates of cancer, diabetes, cigarette smoking, and other important health issues.
  • Healthy Hawks — a comprehensive treatment program to help children, adolescents and their families overcome issues related to weight.
  • Healthy Living Kansas — a research and outreach program dually focused on advancing cancer control and population health research and local and regional outreach efforts to support breast health.
  • HIV Outreach Clinics — Providers and case managers travel to outreach treatment sites in Garden City, Salina and Pittsburg every six to eight weeks to serve the needs of HIV-positive individuals living in rural Kansas.
  • JUNTOS: Center for Advancing Latino Health — Juntos seeks to generate and disseminate knowledge to eliminate health disparities in the under-served Latino communities in Kansas.
  • KU Asthma Center — The center offers educational programs for community organizations in order to have a positive impact on preventing the burden of asthma.
  • KU Integrative Medicine — They combine the best therapies from conventional medicine with our integrative medicine approach, to form a comprehensive system of biomedical care.
  • Landon Center on Aging — The center is committed to improving the quality of life in older adults and the people who care for them.
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Science — Its Silver City Health Center is a local clinic offering primary health care and health education to English and Spanish-speaking residents of Wyandotte and Johnson counties.
  • Project Eagle — The program manages multiple home-based and center-based early childhood education and comprehensive family support programs in Wyandotte County.

Star Opportunities for Kansas high school students

 To inquire about KU Medical Center's activities in your community, visit our Contact Us page or contact your nearest KU Area Health Education Center.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018