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Educational Experiences Offered

The University of Kansas Medical Center Educational Experience (KEE) program provides both research opportunities in KU's laboratories, research areas, and animal facilities as well as clinical observational experiences in University of Kansas Health System facilities.

While we administer both research and clinical experiences, the two types of experiences differ significantly.


KEE Research Experiences...

- Provide University of Kansas Medical Center visitors with two options with respect to research activity in KU laboratories, research areas, or animal facilities. They can...

  1. Observe hands-on activity allowed. (Research Observational Learner)
  2. Participate in research as an active learner...hands on activity is authorized. (Research Active Learner)

- Are not open to University of Kansas Medical Center employees or students

- Are non-curricular, meaning they cannot be accomplished for academic credit (an affiliation agreement must be in place for any applicant wanting or needing academic credit)

- Are educational activities without monetary or material compensation

- Can last up to four months (one semester or one summer)


KEE Clinical Observational Experiences...

- Provide applicants the opportunity to observe professionals from the University of Kansas Health System (the University of Kansas Hospital, KU HealthPartners, Inc., and the University of Kansas Physicians) in a clinical setting

- Are available to University of Kansas Medical Center employees and students as well as KU Health System employees. KU Health System employees do not need to go through KEE, they merely coordinate with their department sponsoring them.

- Are observational on activity is allowed

- Cannot be accomplished for academic credit

- Are limited to 12 hours

Last modified: Mar 30, 2020