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The Heartland Telehealth Resource Center (HTRC)


The Heartland Telehealth Resource Center (HTRC) offers unmatched telehealth expertise and guidance for the development and expansion of telehealth in rural, medically underserved areas. Combining expertise of the nation's earliest, most successful telehealth programs from Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma, we collaborate with health care organizations, providers, and telehealth networks to build cost-effective and sustainable telehealth programs.

HTRC is one of several federally designated telehealth resource centers supported by the Telehealth Resource Center Grant Program administered through the Office for the Advancement of Telehealth (OAT) in the Office of Health Information Technology. Established in 2006, these telehealth resource centers (TRC) serve as a source of technical assistance to developing and existing telehealth programs both in and outside of their own regions. KUCTT is the leading organization of HTRC and Janine Gracy is the director of HTRC.

Last modified: Jun 18, 2019