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Camp Med 2011 - Pittsburg

CampMed is a day-long workshop with hands-on activities for high school students in grades 10-12 interested in health care careers. Students interact with health care professionals in small group learning sessions to build real-world skills required for careers in health care, such as how to perform intubation or properly practice CPR.

CampMed guidelines:

  • A maximum of 30-40 students attend.
  • Workshop includes 4 or 5 hands-on sessions with one main group session.
  • Hands-on sessions have fewer than 8 students with each health care professional.
  • Students are separated into groups and rotate to all sessions.
  • Materials are provided to instructors.
  • Held at a facility with access to medical equipment.
  • Students receive a patch or scrub top for attendance.
  • Cost: $10 per student.
  • Schools select the students to attend.
  • Forms should be returned by email to
  • If a school is not registered by the deadline, the remaining spots will be released to additional students from other schools.
  • Photo release forms must be completed along with registration and teacher recommendation forms.

Last modified: Aug 17, 2021
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