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Welcome to K-PATHS!

K-PATHS (KUMC Pipeline for Academic Training in Healthcare and STEMM) is a central resource for many of KU Medical Center's career pathway opportunities. Whether you are in high school, college, or already a KUMC student, there are many programs available to learn more about health care, research, science, or administration. Today, many medical schools and other health care degree programs require previous work or volunteer experience in a health care setting or research lab. KUMC also offers programming for educators to strengthen their health science expertise, and for visitors to explore our campuses through in-person and virtual tours.

K-PATHS provides potential visitors a starting point for identifying and navigating the many learning opportunities that best meet their needs. Though many of these experiences are short-term, unpaid positions and occur in either clinical or laboratory settings, there are also other shadowing and internship options in other areas too. Please see the buttons below to get started!

Last modified: Jul 12, 2021

Barb Manning
K-PATHS Navigator