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K-CORPS: Kansas Consortium for Opioid Rural Planning and Strategy

What is K-CORPS?

The University of Kansas Medical Center is partnering with four rural counties in Kansas on planning local and system-level strategies for addressing opioid use disorder (OUD). Called K-CORPS, or Kansas Consortium for Opioid Rural Planning and Strategy, the project includes consortium members from Allen, Rawlins, Wilson and Woodson counties who represent health care, behavioral health, public health, law enforcement, substance abuse and several other disciplines. Consortium members and other statewide stakeholders participated in the initial planning meeting on November 8th, which was facilitated by KU Medical Center Vice Chancellor Ryan Spaulding, Ph.D., and who will serve as the project director for K-CORPS. This 1-year planning grant will position K-CORPS for pursuing additional OUD implementation funding in mid-2019, particularly for rural and technology-enabled strategies in Kansas OUD prevention and treatment.

K-CORPS County Map

Sustainability and Cultural Competence

SAMHSA's Sustainability and Cultural Competence planning modelSustainability and cultural competence is at the heart of SAMHSA's Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), shown at the right, which is the planning model K-CORPS is using. The SPF is a planning process for preventing substance use and misuse.

The five steps and two guiding principles of the SPF offer prevention professionals a comprehensive process for addressing the substance misuse and related behavioral health problems facing their communities. The effectiveness of the SPF begins with a clear understanding of community needs and involves community members in all stages of the planning process.

Last modified: Jan 29, 2020
Contact K-CORPS

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Ryan Spaulding, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor, Institute for Community Engagement
K-CORPS Project Director
(913) 588-5258

Shawna Wright, Ph.D.
Associate Director, KUCTT

Talal Kahn, M.D., MBA
Professor & Chairman, Anesthesiology