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Below is a list of ongoing projects that are open opportunities to physician involvement with QI, patient safety and employee safety. Please contact the individual listed as the primary contact with questions or to participate.

Helping Our People Endure (HOPE) Program - 2nd Victim Program - currently developing curriculum and recruiting HOPE coaches who will serve as a peer for 2nd victims - primary contact, Lauren Eck,

Exposure Prevention Program - meets on a monthly to quarterly basis to review exposure data, drilling down on causes, and developing action plans to reduce unprotected exposures and sharps injury exposures - primary contact, Amanda Gartner,       

Suicide Prevention Program - meets monthly and develops policies, procedures, and strategies to improve suicide screening and awareness to reduce the risk of suicide - primary contact, Heidi Boehm,         

Behavior Response Team - focuses on the continuous quality improvement of our BRT - activated in the midst of a behavioral outburst by our patients - a team is immediately deployed to resolve the issue and ensure patient and employee safety are maintained - primary contact, Heidi Boehm,         

Complex Behavioral Health Patient Program -the focus is on comprehensive planning of individualized care plans for patients with special behavioral health needs in the medical/surgical departments - primary contact, Heidi Boehm,  

Medication Safety - a committee of the pharmacy department, meets on a monthly basis and conducts routine rounds on inpatient departments - primary contact, Lauren Eck,         

Infection Prevention and Control Committee - meet on a quarterly basis to review infection control data and evaluate the program plan outcomes - primary contact, Amanda Gartner,        

Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection Prevention - meet monthly and focuses on strategies to eliminate CAUTI in our inpatient population - primary contact, Maggie Reavis,      

Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infection Prevention - meets monthly and focuses on strategies to eliminate CLABSI in our inpatient population - primary contact, Maggie Reavis,      

C Diff Prevention - meets regularly and  focuses on strategies to eliminate C diff in our inpatient population - primary contact, Maggie Reavis,

Sepsis Program - meets monthly, focus is on strategies to enhance sepsis bundle compliance, early recognition, and aggressive management of sepsis in our inpatient population - primary contact, Dustin Pierce,

Last modified: Dec 14, 2018