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How can clinical research benefit pediatric patients?

Although there are risks associated with any clinical trial, there can be many potential benefits for patients.

Advanced therapies

Pediatric patients who participate in clinical trials often gain access to cutting edge treatments before they are widely available.

Better patient outcomes

Parents can have a better understanding of their child's health. Children and families report that their knowledge and understanding of their own health and health conditions improves with participation in clinical trials.

Higher patient engagement

When pediatric patients are given the chance to participate in clinical trials, their families gain a more thorough understanding of their child's condition and how to manage it. They also form stronger relationships with their physician, which can result in increased patient retention. In addition, patients and families may connect with individuals with similar challenges.

How can clinical research benefit providers?

Referring eligible patients for clinical trials and being a partner in research can be a very positive experience for providers.

Professional development

Involvement in clinical trials allows health care providers to stay on the progressive edge of medicine and provides opportunities to collaborate and network with other health care professionals from around the state and country.

Superior treatment decisions

The data from clinical trials are evidence-based, rather than based solely on the personal experiences of one health care professional. When a clinician is involved in a medical clinical trial, they can use this objective information to think critically about each patient's plan of care and make data-driven treatment decisions.

Industry contribution

Health care providers who take part in a clinical trial can feel proud to know they directly contributed to new medical knowledge and the improvement of industry standards of care.

Interested in Participating in our Pediatric Clinical Trials?

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