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What is SPeCTRE?

SPeCTRE was created in 2016 with the first cycle of the ISPCTN funding. SPeCTRE received funding for the second cycle of the ECHO ISPCT for the period of September 2020 through August 2025. This second cycle is known as SPeCTRE 2.0.

Network goals include providing medically underserved and rural populations with access to clinical trials, building pediatric research capacity at a national level and supporting the professional development of faculty-level pediatricians and their support teams in the conduct of clinical trials research.

Why Does it Matter?

Clinical trials are research studies that involve people. Clinical trials help providers find new treatment options that are safe and effective and work better than the standard treatment. Clinical trials also improve the quality of life for people with disease. With your participation, we can improve treatment options for future patients.

Community Engagement

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