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Photo Services

The Photo Services Department offers the University of Kansas Medical Center's faculty, staff, and employees professional quality photographic services including medical and scientific, studio, location, and copy photography, and a wide range of lab services.

Photographic Services

Professional color and black & white portraiture (formal, application and passport), tabletop product photography and gross specimen photography as well as pre- and post-operative clinical documentation can all be achieved in our fully equipped studio.


Environmental portraits on location are an alternative to capturing subjects in engaging exchanges with peers and colleagues in familiar settings, or alone in a more formal atmosphere. Exterior architectural photography is also available on- or off-campus.



We can document patients, procedures, specimens and gels for education, research, patient records and publication in both traditional and digital formats. When photographing patients in the operating room, emergency room or clinics, we are on a 10-minute call.


PRPublic relations:
Dinner receptions, luncheons, guest speakers, conferences, award ceremonies, departmental groups, and class composites.



Digital and Lab Services

Services include: Disc to film, scanning, printing, photo manipulation, film processing and copying, and storage.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018
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