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All versions of the Jayhawk are subject to rules established by the university.

The Jayhawk is one of the official marks representing the University of Kansas. 

The Jayhawk

JayhawkThe Jayhawk is an iconic presence worldwide. As such, a set of guidelines has been developed for using the Jayhawk in print and on promotional items. These guidelines also address the use of historical Jayhawks and the Jayhawk head application. 

Visit the KU Brand Center to read the guidelines regarding the Jayhawk or request to download approved versions of the Jayhawk.

The JayDoc

JayDoc image/logoThe JayDoc image is for limited use only by the KU Medical Center Alumni Association. All other uses are prohibited.

The JayNurse

JayNurse image/logoThe JayNurse logo is out of date, and its usage is prohibited.

Questions about branding your program or area?

Not sure what logo to use? Wondering if you can add a Jaydoc on your next project? We are happy to talk with you about any branding or logo questions you might have. Contact Donna Peck ( to get started. 

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