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Leica TCS SP8 STED 3x Super Resolution Microscope / SP8 Confocal Microscope with Lightning

Leica TCS SPE confocal MicroscopeFor reservation, use the link “Reservations” in the left column. Access to the reservation calendar will be given to those who were trained at our facility by Leica staff or Ms. Pat St John.

Video recordings of the Leica STED microscope training and the Leica SP8 confocal microscope training are available in the core facility. Please contact Ms. Pat St. John to request your viewing schedule.

Leica TCS SPE Confocal Microscope


The Leica TCS SPE confocal is configured with a Leica DM550 Q upright microscope and has the following objectives:

  • ACS APO 10X/ 0.30 CS
  • ACS APO 20X/ 0.75 CS
  • ACS APO 40X/ 1.15 Oil CS
  • ACS APO 63X/ 1.30 Oil CS

The following features are as described in the Leica TCS SPE brochure:

  • The Leica TCS SPE confocal is a true point-scanning, spectral system for fluorescence imaging of fixed cells.
  • Providing all of the features needed for routine confocal techniques, it offers excellent quality imaging.
  • The system is easy to use, and first results are quickly achieved, even by confocal novices.
  • The common Leica LAS AF interface facilitates direct operation.
  • The Leica TCS SPE is the only confocal in its class that provides true spectral detection suitable for lambda scan.

Fast Results by Easy and Time Saving System Operation
Predefined user settings, the possibility to store personal settings, and the precise alignment of instrument parameters make the system easy to operate with only little training effort.

Get More Information Out of Your Sample
The highly dynamic integrated photomultiplier offers high signal efficiency and reduces photo damage. It prolongs the lifetime of samples and optimizes the yield of information.

The system offers 488, 561, and 635 nm solid state lasers for excitation, and a 405 nm excitation option for nuclear staining.

  • High resolution
  • True confocal imaging
  • Freely tunable spectral detection
  • Ready for new dyes
  • Broad laser excitation range
  • Stable solid state lasers
  • Fully automated
  • 100% tunable (AOTF, pinhole)
  • Perfect colocalization throughout the spectrum with ACS
  • No special room requirements
  • Flexible to upgrade by defined kits
  • Modular software and hardware

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Reservations are made via Meeting Room Manager. Contact us for information on how to receive training and get approved for usage.

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