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How Your Dollars Make Miracles 

The Pediatrics Department at the University of Kansas Medical Center is proud to be the local CMN Hospital in the Greater Kansas City area. The funds raised through CMN events go directly to fund pediatric research initiatives taking place exclusively at KU Medical Center. In addition, funds help sick and injured children being treated at the University of Kansas Health System. These dollars are used to pay for charitable care, equipment, supplies and educational programs.

An Evening of Music & Miracles with Ava Paige

Join RE/MAX Heritage for a country night with an auction, games, and featuring music by Nashville singer/songwriter Ava Paige!
All proceeds benefit Children's Miracle Network at KU Medical Center.
Tickets: $30
Click the link to purchase your tickerts:

All Are Welcome In Our House

When you think of a house, what comes to mind?  Is it the structure, the size, the various rooms?  Or is it what occupies the house:  the family, the memories, the happiness?  A house can be looked at in a number of ways, but one word that encompasses all the parts is HOME.  It’s a safe place, a place of refuge, a place of care.

 What about a hospital?  Many of components are the same:  the structure, the size, the rooms.  Some are different: the equipment, the staff, the fear.  But hospitals are much like a house in the fact that they are a safe place, a place of care, a place of love.  

 No parent wants to see their child admitted to the hospital.   But each parent who lives this reality can rest assured that through innovative programs, state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, their child will receive the best care. Every family that comes through the doors of KU Medical Center becomes a part of our family. 

 Children’s Miracle Network will be raising funds through a variety of campaigns and events to help each and every child feel at home, even when they are in the hospital.  Because In Our House, we believe in miracles!   

Congratulations to our 2023 Market Champion, Lincoln! 

We are very excited to announce Lincoln Costello as our 2023 Kansas City Market Champion! Lincoln will represent CMN KC Heartland on campaign materials throughout the year as well as special projects to help localize CMN fundraising efforts. Lincoln and his entire family are excited and ready to represent every family treated at KU Medical Center and share with the community the amazing work that happens every day for local kids. 

Lincoln was a patient of the University of Kansas Medical Center even before he came into this world. He was born happy and healthy. However, his journey into childhood took a detour when an unexpected diagnosis was discovered.

Lincoln was just two years old, when his parents noticed that his language was delayed. The only word he used at that point was momma, it meant food, it meant unhappy, it meant tired. He began speech therapy, but the process was very frustrating to him.  After working with a speech therapist and occupational therapist, they concluded that Lincoln displayed some sensory seeking behaviors. As a result of both therapies, his verbal language grew and improved but Lincoln’s parents saw that their son was completely frustrated. They followed their intuition and reached out to the Center for Childhood Development at the University of Kansas Medical Center for a second opinion and full assessment.

In November of 2015, Lincoln was diagnosed with Autism. This finding finally offered his parents the relief and vindication they hoped for, an answer. They had been told so many times that Lincoln was fine, but now, armed with the truth, Lincoln and his parents could start to move forward. This new path started with therapy at the KU Center of Autism Research and Training (Bridge Clinic) where Lincoln learned how to navigate verbal and social interactions. This therapy allowed him to reach some great milestones, including making his first friend! He also learned to work through the act of getting his haircut. For many, this isn’t a big deal, but for Lincoln it was a tremendous challenge. To help him understand the entire process, his therapist created a salon for him to get pretend haircuts. The space included a chair that moved up and down and spun in circles so he could get used to the feeling and “haircuts” that began with play scissors.  After a few weeks, Lincoln was armed with new tools and ready to try again. His hard work paid off; he received his first haircut in a salon! Because of the ingenuity, vigilance and instruction from his therapist, Lincoln continues to experience the childhood he not only enjoys but deserves.

Lincoln has worked roughly forty hours a week for years to learn how to express his feelings and ideas. The work is never complete but, in the process, he has grown into an articulate and funny ten-year-old who loves video games. His brain may work in a different way, it isn’t less or more, it’s just who he is. And that journey of self- awareness started with the care he received at KU Medical Center and that care continues to help him grow and thrive in all aspects of his life. 

Way To Go Lincoln!

$104, 585 Raised for the 2022 Miracle Day of Hope Radiothon

On December 8, Cumulus Media dedicated not only airtime, but their passion and voices sharing stories of world-class healthcare that KU Medical Center provides to children and families. Our KC Community responded with love, support and an overwhelming spirit of giving by raising $104,585 for Children’s Miracle Network.

Special thanks to our friends at Cumulus Media for their hard work and dedication. We would also like to thank each listener who made gifts to make this year’s radiothon a great success!

2022 Extra Life Game Day FTW

On November 5, gamers across the country came together to play, stream, and raise money for the kids on Game Day! To date, 167 gamers have nearly $89,000 for Kansas City kid.

Topping the 2022 fundraising leaderboard is AllTheWayJ with an astounding $20,882 total bringing her lifetime fundraising total to $96,883.89! We cannot wait to celebrate her $100,000 achievement this coming year.

JT “RufiOOHHH” Galloway is also very close to a lifetime fundraising achievement. His 2022 fundraising total of $8,319.71 brings him less than $500 away from a lifetime fundraising achievement of $75,000!

In addition to these dedicated gamers, 2023 CMN Champion Lincoln made his Extra Life debut! His mom let him play games all day to help raise funds for KU Medical Center!

We want to offer a heartfelt thank you and congratulations to every gamer who has chosen to share their time, talent, and treasure with Children’s Miracle Network at KU Medical Center this year.

Extra Life 2023 is already up and running and you don’t want to miss out on the fun!  Head over to and get registered TODAY!

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