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Cheryl A. Gibson, Ph.D.

Cheryl Gibson portrait
Professor, General & Hospital Medicine

Associate Professor, Dietetics and Nutrition

Professional Background

Cheryl Gibson, Ph.D., is a Professor of Medicine at the University of Kansas Medical Center in the Department of Internal Medicine. Dr. Gibson also has a joint appointment in the School of Health Professions, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics.

She received her doctoral degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Currently, she is the Section Leader for Research in the Division of General, Geriatric, and Hospital Medicine. In that role, she and her team members assist Division faculty members with the design, analysis, and manuscript and conference preparation of their research and quality improvement projects.

Education and Training
  • BA, Psychology, Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City
  • BA, Sociology, Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City
  • PhD, Psychology, Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City
Professional Affiliations
  • American Public Health Association, Member, 2016 - Present



Dr. Gibson has conducted numerous clinical and community-based intervention research projects designed to modify health-related behaviors among diverse populations. Research strengths include experience in conducting collaborative community-based interventions, coordinating comprehensive process, outcome, and impact evaluations, and needs assessment. For the past 20 years, she has participated in community-based behavioral research projects designed to improve health outcomes, including smoking cessation, cholesterol reduction, physical activity, nutrition, and weight management projects for children, adolescents and adults. Recently, her research interests have focused primarily upon developing and evaluating strategies to enhance the adoption and maintenance of healthy behaviors among under-resourced families, examining issues related to food insecurity, and helping community-based agencies evaluate their programs.

Current Research and Grants
  • Double Up Food Bucks, Kansas Health Foundation, PI
  • Enhanced Mediterranean Diet for Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention, NIH, Co-I
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