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Andrija Vidic, D.O.

Andrija Vidic portrait
Assistant Professor, University of Kansas Health System, Cardiovascular Medicine

Professional Background

Dr. Andrija Vidic trained at University of Utah which was at the forefront for innovations in heart failure and mechanical circulatory support for patients with advanced cardiac disease. Dr. Vidic joined our center from Advent Health, Orlando and he was part of their expansion to become top 10 heart transplant volume centers in the country. Over last 4 years he collaborated with his mentors from University of Utah to establish protocols to assess for myocardial recovery post left ventricular assist device implantation. He was able to publish a novel protocol to successfully wean patients of durable ventricular assist device. Additionally, he was involved with pivotal trials for patients with end-stage heart failure (MOMENTUM, DCD Heart trial, etc).
Currently Dr. Vidic is a medical director of heart transplant program at the University of Kansas Medical Center. He continues to foster a close relationship with his colleagues at University of Utah and hopes to bring an explant of hardware as an option for our patients who are on durable LVAD device. Additionally, he is looking to improving donor and recipient risk matching and expand inclusion criteria for donors and recipients.



Dr. Andrija Vidic has many research interests. He has recently been centered in on myocardial recovery post LVAD. Dr. Vidic has collaborated with the University of Utah for the last 3 years to look at
changes post LVAD in recovered hearts.