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Policies and Procedures

The policies and procedures of the University of Kansas Medical Center Auxiliary are outlined for all members, prospective volunteers and other interested parties.

Board of Directors Administrative Policies and Procedures

Section 1. DUES.

The annual Dues shall be $25. New members who join after January 1 shall be considered paid members for the current and following fiscal year.

Section 2. OFFICERS.

An officer shall serve not more than three (3) successive years in the same capacity unless approved by the Board of Directors. After an interim of one (1) year a member may be eligible for the same office. In the interim year, said member may be elected to another office or serve as a Chair or Vice-Chair of any committee.


Term of office of Standing Committee Chairs - A Chair shall serve not more than three (3) successive years in the same capacity unless approved by the Board of Directors. After an interim of one (1) year, a member may be eligible for the same position. In the interim year, said member may serve as Chair or Vice-Chair of a different committee or as an elected officer.

Appointment of Vice-Chairs - A Vice-Chair for any Standing Committee may be appointed by the Vice President and serve for one (1) year. The Vice-Chair should be an active member of that committee during the year. The Vice-Chair is expected to serve as Chair of said committee the year after being Vice-Chair.

Responsibilities of Chairs of Standing Committees:

The Advisory Committee shall consist of five (5) former Presidents. The Chair of the Advisory Committee shall be the Past President. It shall advise the President and the Board on Auxiliary policy and other questions which may require executive scrutiny. The Committee shall appoint a parliamentarian and shall review the Bylaws and procedure books annually. The Chair shall receive all procedure books and copies of the annual reports of each of the Standing Committees and distribute them as follows: one copy to the Committee Procedure Book, one copy to the President's Procedure Book and one copy to the Vice President's Procedure Book. The Advisory Chair shall then distribute the Procedure Books to the various officers and Committee Chairs for the coming year. This Committee shall assist the Vice President in preparation of a slate of at least one nominee for each of the elective offices to be presented at the April general meeting. The Committee is also responsible for obtaining nominees for vacancies throughout the year.

The Fundraising Committee shall plan the annual Bazaars and/or other special Auxiliary events, especially fundraising events. The Fundraising Chair shall serve as a member of the Finance/Projects Committee. Other members of the Fundraising Committee include the Publicity, Membership and Volunteer Chairs.

The Treasurer shall serve as or appoint the Finance/Projects Committee Chair. The members of the committee shall include the Vice-President, Treasurer, the two At-Large members, and the Fundraising Chair. The President shall consult with the Finance/Projects Committee on all money matters throughout the year and shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Committee. The Chair shall present the budget, which is drawn up by the Committee, for approval at the May Board meeting. The Committee shall also recommend projects to be funded by Auxiliary monies to benefit the KUMC campus. Additional members may be appointed to the Committee at the President's discretion.

The Communications Chair, with the assistance of the Communications Committee, shall make telephone calls to the general membership who do not use e-mail to inform and remind them of upcoming events and RSVP dates. They will also mail notifications to these members for all programs and events. Other duties, such as sending Get Well and Sympathy cards, may be requested by the President.

The Interest Group Chair shall monitor the scheduling of interest group meetings throughout the year. The Chair shall assure that a coordinator is in place for each interest group.

The Liaison Chair shall be the link between the Auxiliary and other organizations at KUMC, KU Health System and with all resident/student groups at KUMC. The Liaison Chair shall also function as liaison with the Medical Center Administration and The KU Health System Administration, arranging yearly fall meetings with the Auxiliary President and Vice President and each appropriate administrator of these organizations. The Liaison Chair shall also implement the process for awarding merit scholarships to selected students in the School of Nursing and the School of Health Professions.

The Membership Committee shall recruit, educate and integrate new members. The Chair shall be responsible for the master list of the current Auxiliary membership, including all contact information. The Membership Committee will provide information on members' designated social and volunteer interests to the Interest Group Chair and Volunteer Chair, and provide a list of members who do not use email to the Communications Chair. The Committee shall distribute membership renewal notification letters, postmarked by May 1 each year. The Membership committee shall also compile, print and distribute the annual Auxiliary Yearbook, in conjunction with the Publicity Chair.

Program Committee arranges general meeting programs, in consultation with the President. These programs include, but are not limited to: Fall Luncheon, Holiday Party, Valentine's Party, and Spring General Membership Meeting. The Program Chair will provide all information to the Publicity Chair to provide to the membership. The Committee shall also coordinate refreshments and greeters for all general meetings.

Publicity Chair shall coordinate public relations and publicity for events and activities of the Auxiliary. The Committee shall work with KUMC Printing Services or other vendors on the design and printing of any invitations, newsletters, flyers, or other materials as needed to promote Auxiliary programs and events. The Publicity Committee will also electronically distribute all electronic notices to the membership. The Committee shall also maintain and update the Auxiliary website. The Committee shall suggest and implement ideas for using the web and/or technology to enhance the Auxiliary purpose.

The Volunteer Chair shall recruit and aid in placement of Auxiliary volunteers, including coordination of volunteers for holiday decorations or other beautification efforts as requested by the leadership of The University of Kansas Medical Center and/or The University of Kansas Health System. The Chair shall serve as the liaison between the Auxiliary and the KUMC Volunteer office. The Volunteer Chair will serve as a member of the Fundraising Committee.

Revised April 2018

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