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History and Organizational Information

Since its 1948 founding, the KUMC Auxiliary has provided assistance and funding for students, patients and faculty of KUMC, it's health system and student union.

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KUMC Auxiliary
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Mail Stop 4041
Kansas City, KS 66160


KU Auxiliary Timeline

1948 - KUMC Auxiliary holds its first Board Meeting on April 19 with Mary Roberts serving as president. KUMC Auxiliary gives its first Nursing Student Awards.

1949 - Mrs. Don Carlos Peete opens the first Gift Shop.

1951 - KUMC Auxiliary prints its first yearbook.

1952-53 - KUMC Auxiliary members begin loan funds for student nurses and offer a library cart to patients twice a week.

1954-55 - KUMC Auxiliary offers concert tickets for student nurses.

1955-56 - Modernization arrives in the Gift Shop in the form of a cash register and the Shop Cart goes out to patients.

1958 - The Gift Shop hires its first manager.

1964 - Members contribute funds for a part-time Volunteer Director.

1966 - Financial support through KUMC Auxiliary makes Chaplain services available.

1970-71 - KUMC Auxiliary holds fundraisers for a new Burn Unit.

1974-75 - The "University of Kansas Auxiliary, Inc." becomes incorporated.

1976-77 - Member Louise Redford chairs the first Holiday Bazaar.

1979 - Gala Dance raises funds to open new University of Kansas Hospital.

1979-80 - KUMC Auxiliary hosts a grand opening for the lobby Gift Shop, and Sunflower Shop opens on 1-DELP.

1981-82 - Members hold fundraisers for the new Dykes Library and establish a Graduate Student Travel Fund.

1983 - Celebration for the Jay Care Learning Center opening on August 19.

1984 - KUMC Auxiliary hosts its first Apple Pie Workshop.

1986-87 - Gift Shop sales return a record $65,000 for hospital projects.

1987-88 - KUMC Auxiliary raises dues to $15.00, and the Finance Committee is formed.

1988-89 - Members enable the donation of a new organ for Spencer Chapel.

1989-90 - The Allied Health Award honors Louise deSchweinitz Darrow. The Bazaar fundraiser nets a record $16,658, and KUMC Auxiliary membership reaches 300.

1992 - KUMC Auxiliary forms a long-range planning committee.

1996 - Celebration of further modernization with the installation of computers in the Gift Shops.

1983 - Jay Care is made an independent corporation, and KUMC Auxiliary receives the Hospital Association of Kansas Gold Award.

1998 - KUMC Auxiliary establishes a new website and founds the KUMC Auxiliary Garden and Fountain Courtyard in honor of Margaret Mills and Louise deSchweinitz Darrow.

1998-99 - KUMC Auxiliary celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

2013 - KUMC Auxiliary celebrates its 65th Anniversary.

KU Auxiliary

University of Kansas Medical Center
KU Auxiliary
Mailstop 4041
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Kansas City, KS 66160