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Criminal Background Checks for Students

In recent years, more and more programs and disciplines taught at KUMC and elsewhere have been required to conduct criminal background checks prior to admitting students into their graduate programs or at least prior to matriculation.  It has been determined that such background checks should be required of all students admitted to programs at KUMC.  As a consequence, all domestic students, as well as any international students who have been in the United States for more than 30 days prior to admission* must submit to at least a standard background check through Validity Screening Solutions.  In the case of students involved in direct patient contact, additional checks of Employment Disqualified Listings maintained by various health care disciplines may be required by specific programs.  Prospective students should check with their individual department or  program to determine the process and appropriate institutional or program code number to be provided to Validity Screening Solutions for the transmittal of the background check results.

Background check results will be considered on a case by case basis but in general the following may be considered as disqualifying findings and therefore prevent admission or matriculation.  Future licensing requirements can determine admission. 

  • Felony convictions
  • Misdemeanor convictions or felony deferred adjudications involving crimes against persons (physical or sexual assault or abuse)
  • Misdemeanor convictions related to moral turpitude (e.g., prostitution, public lewdness, etc)
  • Felony deferred adjudications for the sale, possession, distribution or transfer of narcotic drugs or other controlled substances.
  • Registered sex offender status
  • Medicare, Medicaid or other healthcare fraud or misuse

Should you have any questions concerning this requirement for admission to KUMC programs, please contact your specific program or department.

*International students admitted on valid visas and who have not resided in the United States for more than 30 days may be excused from this requirement due to the background checks conducted as part of their visa screening process.   

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