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Graduate Studies

Covid-19 Important Updates

 Dissertations and Thesis Defenses

Dissertation and Thesis Defenses

Dissertation and Thesis defenses are mission-critical. Whenever possible Dissertation and Thesis defenses will continue as scheduled. However, we must be mindful of individuals at greater risk for Covid-19 and allow for safe attendance and social distancing for the defense. The public offering of a dissertation and thesis defense is one of the most important features of higher education. Effective immediately, all dissertations and thesis defenses must have a televideo option available for the public portion of the defense. The public portion link should be advertised and open to all graduate faculty and the public. The Office of Graduate Studies can assist you in setting up the televideo format using BlackBoard Collaborate.

The closed portion of the defense may be held in person, following the University guidelines found on the KUMC intranet site. If any members of the committee or student feels that they cannot or are unable to attend the closed portion of the defense in person, they have the right to participate via online systems. No committee member nor student should be forced into having an in-person closed session. If the committee and student chose to participate in an in-person closed defense, campus regulations regarding social distancing and the use of PPE must be followed. It is preferred to use Blackboard Collaborate for the closed portion; however, Zoom may be utilized as long as security is maintained (use of a password). Participation in the closed portion of the defense will only be available to the student, Chair, Co-Chair and committee members.

The information on this page is specific for KUMC graduate students, faculty and staff. Specific institutional information can be found on the KUMC Covid-19 intranet site. Please go to the KUMC Intranet


Graduate Studies

The office, located within the Office of Academic Affairs, provides the University level administrative oversight to ensure the quality and integrity of these diverse programs. The academic policies for all programs and information for completing a specific degree program are detailed in the Academic Catalog which serves all campuses of the University.

The University of Kansas is one of six state institutions of higher education governed by the Kansas Board of Regents. The Office of Graduate Studies on the Medical Center campus along with the Office of Graduate Studies on the Lawrence campus is a member of the Council of Graduate Schools which is an organization of institutions of higher education in the United States, Canada, and across the globe engaged in graduate education, research.

*For information regarding specific degree programs, please contact the department directly.

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Last modified: Jun 05, 2020