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Professorship Q&A


1. Can an individual have multiple professorships?

  • No 

2. What are the terms (length) associated to each professorship?

  • Professorship will be evaluated every seven years. This may occur in conjunction with the post tenure review process for faculty who are tenured, or using a similar process for non tenured faculty.

3. Can an interim/acting chair use the name of the professorship within his/her title?

  • No

4. Can an interim/acting chair spend professorship money if the professorship is vacant?

  • Professorship dollars can be spent by interim/acting chair if documented as donor intent and request is formally approved by EVC and/or Dean.

5. When is it appropriate to have a ceremony for a professorship?

  • Consistent with KUEA "Best Practices for University Investiture Events", professorship  ceremony is held at the time the of first investiture. The investiture ceremony honors both the faculty/staff and the donor. Future ceremonies can occur but must be approved by KU Endowment and University Leadership.

6. Who pays for professorship ceremonies?

  • KU Endowment pays for the initial investiture ceremony. Any additional recognition may be done in coordination with KU Endowment and are hosted by the School, College or department.

7. How do we determine the Fund Account Representative (FAR)?

  • The donor intent determines the FAR. If donor does not specify a FAR, the EVC and/or Dean is the FAR or they can appoint a FAR.


1.What is the process associated to proposing a candidate?

2. What are the criteria used in selecting a potential candidate?

  • Criteria must align with donor intent and be approved by EVC and/or Dean.

3. Who manages the professorship master list to ensure the report is accurate and up to date?

  • Each respective school is responsible for monthly updates to the professorship master list.

4. Who manages the overall process?

  • The data will be captured and stored in a central location. Professorship processes will be managed by each respective school. 


1. How does one determine if a professorship is vacant?

  • The academic unit (EVC, Dean, Chair, Administrator) is responsible for vacancy notification to the respective school contact.

2. How are named faculty notified of professorship changes?

  • Professorship changes are communicated by direct supervisor (EVC, Dean, or Chair).

3. What is the plan for on-going communication?

  • Electronic
  • Website (KU Endowment, University)
  • School Broadcast
  • Schools, department and administrator meetings
  • SOM Combined Chair Institute and Center Director meeting
Last modified: Jul 26, 2018