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Emeritus Professorship

Emeritus/Emerita status is an honorary title awarded to a retiring faculty member or administrator for extended meritorious service. The title of professor emeritus may be awarded to an outstanding faculty member with a regular appointment at the professor/associate professor level, or has reached the highest rank of attainment in administration for an extended period of time (typically at least ten years) and has served KUMC with distinction.

Recommendations for Emeritus/Emerita status should be initiated at the department level by the chair and require approval from 1) the school's dean; 2) the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs; 3) the Executive Vice Chancellor; and 4) the Chancellor. Recommendations may be given at any point during the year.

Emeritus status is granted as a continuous appointment and does not require renewal.

More information on the Emeritus Faculty designation can be found on the KUMC Faculty Affairs' Emeritus Professorship Intranet page.

Last modified: Jul 26, 2018