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Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award

The Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award is intended to recognize and reward demonstrated teaching ability of a clearly superlative nature. The award will be given to paid (non-volunteer) faculty member who contribute to the University and its students through excellence and outstanding classroom teaching. Classroom teaching is defined it its broadest sense to include educational activities in various settings and to a variety of learners in the three schools and the graduate and undergraduate programs at the medical center. Faculty may be nominated by a student or faculty member. Nominations are not open for KUMC faculty who have previously received the award. Preference will be given to early to mid-career faculty members.

Each award winner receives a one-time monetary award of $1,000. Questions about this award should be directed to Jenny Laffey, Director of Career and Professional Affairs, Office of Academic and Student Affairs.

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2021 Chancellor's Club Distinguished Teaching Award

Faculty members with demonstrated excellence in teaching while at KUMC may be nominated by a colleague, student, or alumnus. Each nomination must include:

1. Nomination letter summarizing the faculty member's worthiness for receiving this award;
formal teaching responsibilities; and voluntary additional teaching (for example, interdepartmental, multi-school) if any;
2. Nominee's curriculum vitae, indicating reception of other teaching awards, if any;
3. Copies of past formal evaluations of the nominee's teaching made by students and residents; and
4. Evaluations by faculty peers.

Additional letters in support of the nomination are not required but are recommended. A maximum of four recommendation/support letters will be accepted in addition to the program director or department chair required letter for a total of five letters. Nominations must be submitted electronically by Friday, June 11, 2021.


Chancellor's Distinguished Teaching Award Nomination Form

Last modified: Jun 25, 2021