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Documentation of Attendance for Pell Grant Recipients

Student Financial Aid determines what portion, if any, of a Pell Grant a student must repay when the student fails or withdraws from a course.

When the Office of Student Financial Aid receives notification that a student receiving a Pell Grant has withdrawn from or failed any courses after financial aid funds have been disbursed, Student Financial Aid must determine if the student participated in an academically related activity in the course. Documentation of attendance is used to determine if the student must repay any of the grant, and if so, how much.

1. Student Financial Aid contacts both students and faculty to gather documentation-of-attendance information. Students are notified by email that they will need to provide documentation of attendance or participation in any academically related activity for the courses from which they withdrew. Faculty are also contacted by email and asked to document the student's attendance or participation in any academically related activity.

2. To resolve the Pell documentation of attendance issue, the student may provide documentation to Student Financial Aid demonstrating attendance in the courses at any part of the semester.

3. The student may document attendance by having an instructor or professor from each course from which they withdrew submit documentation-of-attendance information to Student Financial Aid, documenting that the student began attendance.

4. The student may document attendance by having the instructor or professor submit a list of dates of exams the student took or assignments the student completed by email from the instructor or professor's work email, by fax from the departmental fax machine, by campus mail in a sealed departmental envelope, or hand-delivered in a sealed departmental envelope.

5. Additionally, the student can submit originals or copies of graded and dated tests, exams, quizzes, papers, homework assignments or in-class assignments. The documentation must clearly identify the course name and number, the student's name, the date and the grade received. Any documentation provided will be kept in the student's permanent file.

6. Once attendance has been determined, the student will receive written notification if repayment is required and the process for repayment.

Student Financial Aid

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