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Enrollment Certification

KU Medical Center participates in the National Student Clearinghouse to certify enrollment and support loan deferment. We electronically report data four times a semester.

Enrollment Certification Process

KU Medical Center joined the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC) to enhance the speed and accuracy of enrollment certification. We submit students' enrollment data to NSC via a secure file transfer protocol (FTP) four times a semester.

  • After the second day of classes
  • At approximately the 20th day
  • Mid-semester
  • After finals

NSC provides the information directly to lending agencies.

Request Enrollment Certification

We provide self-service for enrollment certification through NSC. The portal can:

  • Produce a certificate of current enrollment
  • Produce a certificate of all enrollment at the University of Kansas
  • View your enrollment information on file with the Clearinghouse
  • View student loan deferment notifications provided by the Clearinghouse to your loan holders
  • View proofs of enrollment that the Clearinghouse has provided to health insurers or other providers of student services or products

Loan Deferment

  • You must be enrolled at least half time, or be enrolled in at least three hours with a GTA/GRA appointment, or be in a special internship program approved by KU Medical Center to qualify for a deferment.
    • If a student registers late or receives an exception for a retroactive withdrawal, this information may not be reported until the next submission cycle.
  • If eligible, complete a loan deferment form. Please include the loan servicing address, fax number and note the terms of enrollment to be verified.
    • Current students should mail signed deferment forms to:
      Office of the Registrar
      Mail Stop 4005
      3901 Rainbow Blvd.
      Kansas City, KS 66160
      Signed deferment forms may also be delivered to G035 Dykes Library.
  • All loan deferment forms are forwarded to NSC. We do not supply information directly to lending agencies. This process speeds the flow of information to lenders and provides them with an available record of all enrollment statuses, including enrollment at other participating institutions.
  • Deferments for current enrollment will not be sent until after the first day of the semester. If you need to notify the lender of a previous semester's enrollment, please indicate this on the deferment request.

Need Assistance?

We are always here to help you navigate your enrollment certification needs. Contact the Registrar's Office at 913-588-7055 or

Registrar's Office

Registrar's Office
University of Kansas Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Mailstop 4005 
Kansas City, KS 66160