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Kansas City Campus Visiting Medical Students Acceptance Information

We hope you find your clinical elective experience at KU Medical Center an enjoyable one. Review a list of items before your rotation begins.

Rotation Checklist

Review the following list of items prior to your rotation. Your clinical department will be contacting you prior to your start date to share additional information and finalize your start date and location.

  • Official enrollment — Approximately three weeks prior to the beginning of the rotation, you will be officially enrolled at KU Medical Center.
  • KU Medical Center network account and email — Shortly after you are enrolled, a network username and password will be created for you and sent to the email address that you supplied in VSLO. Please make sure you change your password soon after receiving the email. If you have any issues with your username and password, call the IT Help Desk at 913-945-9999, option 2.
  • $110 visiting student fee You will receive a notice via your KU Medical Center email account when your bill is available. This can happen prior to or during the rotation. You are responsible to make fee payment arrangements by the due date specified on the bill to avoid late payment fees.
  • Cancellation of your rotation — If you have to cancel the rotation, you must notify us of the cancellation four weeks prior to the start of the rotation (also cancel via VSLO). Failure to notify in a timely fashion or not showing up to the rotation will result in your home school's student affairs dean being notified.
  • ID badge It will be issued on the first day of your elective rotation and you must relinquish your ID badge on the last day. You should wear your badge on your white coat at all times while on the KU Medical Center campus. If you are unable to access a restricted area that you need access to, please contact your Department Administrator.
  • O2/Epic — Training must be completed prior to your first day. You will be provided training instructions by email approximately 1 - 2 weeks prior to the start of your elective rotation. You will need your network username and password to complete the online training modules.
  • Evaluation of your elective rotation — If it is required by your home institution, provide the form to your Department Administrator on the first day of the rotation or inform them that an evaluation form will be sent by your home institution prior to the end of the elective rotation.

You can expect to be contacted via email by your elective department no later than the Friday prior to your elective start date. If you have any other questions, contact us.

Visiting Student FAQs

We do not provide extra malpractice coverage for visiting students if they do not have the level of coverage that we require. You might talk to your home school officials to see if they can help you secure additional coverage.

We do not have on-campus housing, and visiting medical students are responsible for securing their own housing. We provide a housing classified ad service and you can use a third-party service to find a sublet.

Visiting students may purchase a temporary student parking permit from Parking Services. Visiting students are not allowed to park in visitor parking garages after their first day on campus. For questions about parking, call 913-588-5175.

Meals are not provided to visiting medical students. The University of Kansas Health System has two cafeterias and three coffee shops. There are also many restaurants adjacent to the campus.

Registrar's Office

Registrar's Office
University of Kansas Medical Center
3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Mailstop 4005 
Kansas City, KS 66160