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Visiting International Researchers

KU Medical Center offers clinical electives to international medical students in their final year of medical school.

Clinical Elective Opportunities

The Clinical Electives Program at KU Medical Center is a great opportunity for students to enhance their medical knowledge by gaining practical skills while training alongside our faculty physicians. Each clinical elective module is four weeks.

International students are limited to no more than two modules. There are a limited number of spaces available for each module, and the application process starts six to eight months prior to the elective start date.

How to Apply

We partner with our Office of International Programs to support this opportunity.

  • Eligibility
  • Electives offered
  • Application process
  • Program requirements
  • Immunization requirements
  • Accommodations
  • Application Request
  • Housing

Questions? Contact International Programs.

"From the beginning, the program was very helpful, including setting up accommodations, rotation schedule and coordination with the department. I certainly encourage all prospective applicants to apply to this program, and I hope you have the same wonderful and unforgettable experience as I have."
Registrar's Office

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