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Money Matters

Student organizations are responsible for their own budgets and fundraising efforts. The Office of Student Life provides a list of resources available to students groups.

Student Safekeeping Accounting System

Student Safekeeping is an established accounting system and is available to all registered student organizations. Any registered student organization with funds is encouraged to open a Student Safekeeping Account.

When submitting a check request (PDF), be sure all vendor receipts are attached and proper approval signatures are used. Do not mix personal items and items for reimbursement on the same receipt. Monies in advance can be obtained by submitting minutes of the student organization meeting detailing the specific amount and vendor that has been voted on and approved. Additionally, monies can be obtained in advance if the student organization receives an invoice with the finalized payment amount to be paid to a vendor. General reimbursement turnaround time is one week.

When submitting deposits, be sure to use the deposit form (PDF) and fill out all information that is needed.

If, at any time, one of the people listed on the application no longer has responsibility for the account, a new application form (PDF) must be submitted to the Office of Student Life for approval. The application should always include the group's advisor's name so transitions can be made.

Funding Ideas

These guidelines are general suggestions to registered student organizations for obtaining funding for activities and events. Student organizations are responsible for maintaining their own financial records and are encouraged to use Safekeeping Accounting for fund maintenance. It is highly recommended that organizations with funds establish an annual operating budget at the beginning of the year and financial statements at the conclusion of each fiscal year.

The following sources are suggested to obtain funding:

Tax Exempt Forms

Under certain circumstances, the KU Medical Center sales tax exemption number may be available. These circumstances include food for meetings, decorations, supplies and restaurants. Organizations may not use the tax exemption on any items intended to generate revenue (to be resold). Access the Kansas and Missouri sales tax exemption certificates on SharePoint (medical center login is required). 


For more information, contact the Office of Student Life at 913-588-6681 or email our team:

Ryan Gove, Director of Student Life

Ellie Eastes, Coordinator of Student Life

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