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Modale Research Fellowship Program

The Modale Research Fellowship Program selects fellows at Christian Medical College in Vellore, India, annually to come to KU Medical Center to conduct fully funded research.

The Modale Research Fellowship Program allows junior faculty members at Christian Medical College (CMC) in Vellore, India, to conduct fully-funded independent research projects at KU Medical Center. Fellows are chosen annually through a competitive application process at CMC.

Modale Fellowship Summary 2020

Modale Research Fellows

Number Year Department at CMC Mentors at KUMC Current Position/Remarks
1. 2009 Dr. Thomas Samuel Ram Dr. Fen Wang Dr. Rajeev Badkul Dr. Lisa Lawson Professor Head of the Department
2. 2009 Andrew Babu PT Dr. Yvonne Colgrove Head of Physical Therapy
3. 2009 Deepa Sundareswaran OT Dr. Winnie Dunn Resigned from CMC
4. 2010 Pamela Christudoss Dr. Partha Kasturi Head of Clinical Biochemistry
5. 2011 Nirmala Emmanuel Dr. Catherine Siengsukon Dr. Neena Sharma Associate Professor Nursing
6. 2011 Dr. Saikat Das Dr. Parvesh Kumar

Resigned from CMC

Additional Professor of Radiation Oncology
Associate Dean (Nursing and Paramedic)
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Bhopal, India

7. 2012 Baby Saroja Dr. Ann Davis Assistant Professor
8. 2012 Dr. Justin Arockiaraj Dr. Souman Paul Assistant Professor
9. 2013 Dr. Naina Picardo Dr. Jeff Searls Dr. Bruggeman Dr. Pamela Nickalaus Assistant Professor
10. 2013 Mercy Jesudoss Dr. Patricia Kluding Associate Professor
11. 2014 Roselin John Dr. Catherine Siengsukon Lecturer
12. 2014 Sam Kirubakaran Dr. Wen Liu Lecturer
13. 2015 Asha Solomon Dr. Neena Sharma Assistant Professor
14. 2015 Dr. Shubhanker Mitra Dr. Sarah Kessler Expired
15. 2016 Anita Kiruba Jeyakumar Dr. Neena Sharma Dr. Marjorie Bott Lecturer
16. 2016 Ebenezer Suman Babu Dr. Rajiv Badkul Lecturer
17. 2017 Dr. Ruby Angeline Pricilla Dr. Sarah Kessler Assistant Professor
18. 2017 Anita Rebecca Dr. Neena Sharma Resigned from CMC
19. 2018 Reena Rachel George Dr. Sally Maliski Assistant Professor
20. 2018 Heber Rew Bright Dr. Russ Waitman Lecturer
21. 2019 Priya Chandru Dr. Amy Garcia Dr. Joseph LeMaster Lecturer
22. 2019 Naomi Nancy Dr. Kevin Sykes Dr. Sufi Thomas Lecturer
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