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School of Nursing International Visiting Student Program

International students are invited to apply for this program that provides clinical experience in nursing.

Program Information

Offered by the University of Kansas Medical Center's (KUMC) School of Nursing (SON) in collaboration with the Office of International Programs (OIP), the SON International Visiting Student Program provides undergraduate nursing students from countries outside of the United States a rotation experience in which students can gain insight to the U.S. healthcare from a nursing perspective.


Prospective students have the option to choose one of the following rotation experiences:

  • 2-week program
  • 4-week program
  • 8-week program

Each rotation experience will be tailored for the incoming student. Rotations will consist of:

  • Observing health care under distinguished SON faculty members within the regionally recognized University of Kansas Health System where SON faculty coordinate learning experiences for future nurses.
  • Participating in interprofessional learning activities at KUMC's Health Education facility.
  • Engaging in experiential learning opportunities within the KUMC, University of Kansas Health System, and surrounding community facilities.
  • Interacting with KUMC's School of Nursing faculty and students as well as KU Health System nurses, physicians, and staff to learn about U.S. patient care and management approaches.
  • Immersing in clinical cultural experiences to gain insight into U.S. health care within the U.S. social-cultural context.
  • Experiencing the U.S. culture through personal trips during free time while in the United States.


Fully furnished accommodations near the KU Medical Center campus are available for the chosen duration of the program. All amenities and utilities are included.

Program Fees

Current program fees are $1,000 per week with no other tuition costs.

Intensive English Language program

Intensive English Language program support is available as an "add on program" through the Applied English Center at the majestic Lawrence campus in Lawrence, Kansas for students who are able to arrive 1-2 weeks prior to the start of the Visiting Student Program. The cost for this is set by the KU AEC

For more information, please contact Stacie Rader at

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