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Clinical Electives Program

The Clinical Electives Program helps international students gain practical, hands-on medical skills while training alongside our faculty.

The Clinical Electives Program is a great opportunity for international students to enhance their medical knowledge by gaining practical, hands-on skills. All three schools of the University of Kansas Medical Center offer these experiences. The different programs are listed below.

School of Medicine (SOM) Clinical Electives Program

Clinical electives offered through the School of Medicine allow international medical students in their final year of medical school to gain practical skills alongside KUMC medical students under the supervision and mentorship of KUMC faculty physicians.

School of Nursing (SON) International Visiting Student Program

This program provides international nursing students pursuing their undergraduate degrees to participate in a rotation experience in which students can gain insight to U.S. healthcare from a nursing perspective.

School of Health Professions (SHP) Clinical Electives Program

This program offers rotations experiences to students pursuing degrees within the health professions field.  For more information please reach out to International Programs.

"My experience at KUMC was spectacular and incredible. I served in the surgery team of residents and surgeons in surgical oncology to manage in-patients and out-patients. The hospital is quite diverse with dedicated faculty. This experience at KUMC gave me amble hands-on with the best of training in light of modern literature, which is definitely going to help me in residency training in the future."
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