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Thinking about joining Kirmayer Fitness Center as a brand new member? Interested participants are eligible for a seven-day FREE membership! Trials can continue with our $30 for 30 days membership!

Membership Options

Employee membership: Current employees of KU Medical Center (State of Kansas) and The University of Kansas Health System are eligible for membership. Cost: $39 per month.

Affiliate membership: The University of Kansas and KU Medical Center Affiliates are eligible to purchase a membership with proper verification. Affiliates must bring their KU or KU Medical Center photo identification with them. Cost: $39 per month.

Approved affiliate categories include the following:

  • Kansas Credit Union Employees
  • KU Athletic Corporation
  • KU Endowment
  • KU Religious Advisors
  • KU Volunteers

Medical membership: The University of Kansas Health System patients are eligible for membership with a provider referral. (Note: The referral must be completed and signed prior to purchasing the membership). Cost: $39 per month.

Sponsored membership: Sponsored membership is available for those that have friends outside the KU Medical Center community. This can include a spouse, friend or family member. Members may sponsor up to two people. Cost: $49 per month.

Alumni membership: Any KU or KU Medical Center academic alumni. You must provide a copy of your transcript, diploma or alumni association membership. Cost: $39 per month.

Retiree membership: Any retired KU or KU Medical Center employee. Please provide proof of past employment. Cost: $39 per month.

Non-assessed student membership: Any non-KU Medical Center student. Please provide proof of enrollment via the current semester schedule. Verification must be provided every semester. Cost: $20 per month.

Payment Options

  • Payroll deduction: Available to full-time employees only. Complete the payroll deduction application (pdf) and bring to Kirmayer Fitness Center. No down payment and no contract required. Payroll Deduction cancellation requires a 60-day written notice and must be emailed to
  • Credit card: Available to all members. This is set up as a monthly auto-payment. Credit card auto-draft cancellation requires a 30-day written notice and must be emailed to
  • Pay in full: Available to all members. Check and credit cards are the only accepted forms of payment.

Cancellation Policy

Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable, except in the case of documented medical illness or long-term sabbatical.

  • Medical emergencies are defined as any medical issue that inhibits the member from utilizing Kirmayer Fitness Center. Physician documentation must be provided.
  • Relocation or long-term sabbatical. Documentation must be provided. Cancellation is subject to Kirmayer approval.