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GTA and GRA Information

The Office of Graduate Studies maintains the official list of GTA/GRA. Each semester a new list is prepared that includes the student's name, KUID, department, appointment type and percent (FTE) for the appointment. This list is sent to the Registrar's Office, Student Financial Aid, Student Financial Accounting, and the Budget Office so they in turn, can apply appropriate tuition waivers to student accounts based on appointment type and FTE. Policies governing assistantships are detailed in the Academic Catalog.

Description of GTA/GRA Positions and Related Tuition Benefit
This chart describes GTA/GRA positions including eligibility information and applicable tuition waiver information.

Minimum Enrollment Requirement
Graduate students appointed as a GTA/GRA are required to enroll in minimum hours.

Enrollment Definitions for Graduate Students
The University policy for defining full and half-time enrollment status for graduate students.

Health Insurance Benefit for GTA/GRA
A GTA/GRA with 50% FTE is eligible to participate in a health care benefits plan, underwritten by United Healthcare, for which KUMC provides a contribution. The KUMC Student Health Insurance Office works directly with students regarding health insurance options.  Contact information for this office and related links to United Healthcare can be found on their web page.

GTA/GRA Appointment Agreement Form
The appointment form must be submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies for each semester a student is designated a GTA/GRA.

Request Forms for GTA/GRA to Reduce Hours

Schedule for GTA/GRA Lists
This schedule indicates important deadlines related to GTA/GRA status.

Department GTA/GRA Reporting Form  
The department completes the reporting form each semester to report GTA/GRAs to the Office of Graduate Studies according to the Schedule for GTA/GRA Lists.

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