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Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is an advisory body chaired by the Dean of Graduate Studies.  The Council reviews and approves new graduate degree and certificate programs and new courses.  The Council also reviews and approves changes to existing programs and courses.  The other primary responsibility is to discuss and approve policies governing graduate programs on the medical center campus.  Membership includes the Graduate Director from each graduate degree-granting program, Office of Graduate Studies staff, the Registrar and the President of the Graduate Student Council.

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Office of Graduate Studies

  • Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs - Robert Klein, PhD
  • Dean Graduate Studies - Michael Werle, PhD
  • Director Graduate Studies - Marcia Jones
  • Sr. Coordinator - Erica Williams

School of Health Professions

  • Clinical Laboratory Sciences - Eric Elsinghorst, PhD
  • Dietetics & Nutrition - Heather Gibbs, PhD
  • Hearing & Speech - Tiffany Johnson, PhD
  • Nurse Anesthesia Education - Donna Nyght, DNP
  • Occupational Therapy Education - Lisa Mische Lawson, PhD
  • Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Science - Irina Smirnova, PhD

School of Medicine

  • Anatomy & Cell Biology - Julie Christianson, PhD
  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology - Aron Fenton, PhD
  • Biostatistics and Data Science - Jo Wick, PhD
  • Cancer Biology - Joan Lewis-Wambi, PhD
  • Microbiology, Molecular Genetics & Immunology - Jianming Qiu, PhD
  • Molecular & Integrative Physiology - Michael Wolfe, PhD
  • Pathology & Laboratory Medicine - Soumen Paul, PhD
  • Pharmacology, Toxicology & Therapeutics - Kenneth McCarson, PhD
  • Population Health - Won Choi, PhD

School of Nursing

  • Pamela Barnes, PhD
  • Cynthia Teel, PhD

Other Programs

  • Health Informatics - LaVerne Manos, DNP
  • Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Biomedical Sciences (IGPBS) - Michele Pritchard, PhD
  • MD-PhD Physician Scientist Training Program - Brenda Rongish, PhD
  • Neuroscience Graduate Program - Doug Wright, PhD

Other Members

  • Lawrence Campus Graduate Faculty Representative - TBD
  • Enrollment Services/Registrar's Office - Carrie Scala
  • Graduate Student Council President - Aiden Ellis
  • Population Health-Wichita campus - Melissa Armstrong

Graduate Council SharePoint site
The Graduate Council SharePoint site is used by members of the Graduate Council to access meeting agendas, minutes and related documents.

Course Inventory Management System (CIM) and Catalog
All course and program approvals are submitted for Graduate Council approval via the Course Inventory Management (CIM) system. Detailed information regarding the CIM and Catalog systems is available on the CIM/Catalog webpage.

Graduate Faculty Appointment SharePoint site
Graduate Faculty status is required for eligibility to teach a graduate course, serve on a graduate student's examination or defense committee or provide oversight for a student's clinical experience or clinical rotation.  The Graduate Faculty Appointment SharePoint site is used by the academic program's Graduate Director (or designee) to submit recommendations for individuals to be granted Graduate Faculty status.  Detailed information regarding graduate faculty status and the access link to the SharePoint site are available on the Graduate Faculty webpage.

Progress to Degree (PTD) SharePoint site
The PTD SharePoint site is used by the academic program's Graduate Director (or designee) to request Graduate Studies approval related to a student's progress toward degree completion.  A list of the PTD forms and the access link to the SharePoint site are available on the Progress to Degree webpage.

Office of Graduate Studies

University of Kansas Medical Center
Office of Graduate Studies

3901 Rainbow Boulevard
Mail Stop 1040

Kansas City, KS 66160
P: 913-588-1238