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Chancellor's Club Teaching Professorship

Award Criteria and Eligibility

The Chancellor's Club Teaching Professorship is an accolade awarded to esteemed individuals who have exhibited consistent excellence in teaching. This recognition honors those who have demonstrated outstanding teaching competence, innovation in teaching methodologies, and dedication to education over a prolonged period. The application should highlight the nominee’s significant and sustained impact on student learning. There are many outstanding educators at the University of Kansas Medical Center, successful nominees must demonstrate contributions that extend beyond the classroom and traditional teaching modalities. Educational Leadership will be strongly considered by the committee.

Chancellor's Club Teaching Professorship Nomination Form

Each nomination must include several key criteria:

  • Faculty status and academic rank: The nominee must be a non-volunteer faculty member with a major role in teaching our learners. Strong preference is for nominees to hold the rank of Professor, although Associate Professors may be considered for this recognition.
  • Level of teaching: The nominee must be involved in the teaching of undergraduate medical, nursing or health professions students, graduate or other professional students and have demonstrated outstanding skills and outcomes as an educator. Nominee must be recognized for extraordinary teaching as measured by quality, quantity, innovation, and scholarship. Successful nominees must demonstrate contributions that extend beyond the classroom and traditional teaching modalities. Educational Leadership will be strongly considered by the committee.
  • Length of service: The Chancellor's Club Teaching Professorship is designed to recognize a distinguished career in teaching, with a minimum requirement of ten years of teaching service to the University of Kansas Medical Center. Faculty considered for this award are typically tenured, although those in the Clinical Scholar Track with the requisite years of service may also be eligible.

**Department chairs and those with administrative appointments usually have a reduced teaching load and are eligible for nomination only if it is documented convincingly that they have a full-time role in educational activities. In these cases, teaching evaluations may be omitted in place of clear evidence of impact on educational programs.

**Those who already hold another named or university professorship are not eligible for nomination.

Award Stipend

Recipients hold these professorships, which carry an annual stipend of $10,000, for a five-year period, renewable annualy after peer review to assure continued extraordinary activity as teachers and full-time faculty members at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Nomination Process and Timeline

Each nomination must include all of the following:

  • Nomination letter: Letter should summarize the faculty member’s worthiness for receiving this award, formal teaching responsibilities and voluntary additional teaching, if any.
  • Departmental chair recommendation letter: Evaluations and/or recommendations from the nominee's departmental chair (or dean from School of Nursing).
  • Letters or statements from colleagues: Letters or statements addressing the quality of the nominee's teaching and other educational contributions. Statements from faculty outside of the nominee's school or department are encouraged but not required. No more than four of these letters will be accepted.
  • Letters or statements from students and others: Letters from current and former students, alumni and associates outside the university. No more than four of these letters will be accepted.
  • Teaching evaluations: Teaching evaluations, limited to last five years, both by colleagues and students, should be submitted in a quantity and format appropriate to the field. A summary of evaluations should be included showing mean scores among peer evaluations, with peer names redacted.
  • Scholarship: Nomination should include evidence of the scholarly activity of the nominee, particularly as it relates to excellence in teaching. This can be explained in nomination, supporting letters and documented in the Curriculum Vitae.
  • Curriculum VitaeThe nomination packet must include a current, detailed copy of the nominee's Curriculum Vitae which contains full information on the nominee's teaching and research career.

2023 Award Recipient

Jeff Radel portrait
Jeff Radel, Ph.D.
Jeff Radel, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs, School of Health Professions

Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy Education

Jeff Radel, Ph.D., has been a catalyst for innovation in many courses and extracurricular learning activities since joining the faculty of the KU Medical Center School of Health Professions. His outstanding teaching and leadership have reinforced the basic neuroscience content of the curriculum and supported the research-driven clinical practices in the Occupational Therapy programs. He has guided the initiation and development of the interdisciplinary doctoral program in Therapeutic Science. Dr. Radel's commitment to graduate education is exemplified by his teaching Principles of Effective Communication in Scientific Settings to all KU Medical Center graduate students for over two decades.

Radel's expertise in guiding students through the formulation, assembly, and delivery of effective scientific presentations is recognized internationally, and he often provides workshops on this topic for academic programs. 

His research expertise on concussion and brain injury led him to provide continuing education programming as early as 1998 to students, parents, coaches, and teachers in Kansas and Missouri. Dr. Radel developed two new opportunities to again explore novel teaching avenues: (i) functional activity and movement analysis in martial arts, and (ii) functional activity and movement analysis when making stone blades (flint knapping).

Dr. Radel values the importance of understanding anatomy and neuroscience within the context of real-world situations. He has been able to serve as a preceptor to entry-level OT students early in their program during their level I fieldwork experiences. His expertise in karate became a mechanism to help OT students connect classroom learning with hands-on experience. He has enhanced students' understanding of neurodiversity and its effects on performance by engaging learners as a karate dojo - offering community classes to youth and adults with disabilities. His teaching innovation has provided students with real-life examples of neuroscience concepts in clinical and research settings. Dr. Radel was instrumental in relocating the karate program to Kirmayer Fitness Center to offer accessibility for KU students and opportunities for disabled youth to engage with students.

The CHAMPS program (Challenges Handled and Mastered with Perseverance and Spunk) is a model for community involvement. Dr. Radel has been volunteering in the program for a decade and serves as President of the foundation’s advisory board.

Dr. Radel’s role as a faculty member extends beyond his teaching. He is involved in a wide range of research activities, mentoring, and participating actively in faculty governance. Dr. Radel has served in an exemplary administrative role as Associate Dean for Academic and Student Affairs in the School of Health Professions for more than 7 years.

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