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KU Step 1 Booster

Are you nervous about taking your medical licensing board exam? Are you interested in study assistance facilitated by our staff? Step 1 Booster can help!

What is Step 1 Booster?

Step 1 Booster is a 2-, 3- or 4-week board review program which means you actively review the necessary content for United States Medical Licensing Examination® Step 1 and increase your confidence in standardized test-taking.

Who can participate?

Step 1 Booster is for second-year medical students who want a structured, active learning, question-based experience to make them better managers of their question processing skills and content understanding.

  • Information is provided to M2 students during orientation, during one-on-one meetings and if they attend an optional informational meeting
  • Students sign up during their required Step 1 meeting with a learning specialist

How does it work?

Using proven educational methods, Step 1 Booster increases your power to retrieve, synthesize and apply knowledge to test questions. It strengthens your test-taking skills through daily, deliberate practice, focusing on critical thinking and modeling board-style questions.

The Step 1 Booster program also has an option of a daily 1-hour Bugs and Drugs review which can be done independently or in conjunction with the morning program.

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