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Karen Houston Howell, M.S.

Karen Houston Howell portrait
Administrative Assistant


Professional Background

I'm fairly new to working in higher education, but I find the energy and vivacity that thrives on college campuses to be contagious and invigorating, and I love it! I'm the sum of my parts-firstborn, big sister, INFP, Aquarius, wife, mom, chocolate lover-and I'm perpetually curious and open to all perspectives and life experiences.

A large part of my early life and career was in journalism as a writer and editor for the Manhattan (KS) Mercury, TWINS Magazine, and Missouri Family Physician Magazine. Later, while wrangling kids and family life, I was a freelance writer/editor for a variety of publications, corporations, and organizations. The rapid growth of technology-hello, spell check!-and the recession burst my freelance bubble, so it was time to reinvent myself. My inclination to ask who, what, when, where, and why, combined with an attention to detail, was a good fit for administrative positions. 

When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time with my husband Rick, our adult children Megan, Trevor, and Ryan, and our furry kids. Our rescued Westie, Isobel (Izzi), takes her job as sentry very seriously and is offended that her feline siblings, Kevin and Kiley, are oblivious to backyard goings-on! A life-long Kansas Citian, I love exploring all this great city has to offer...when I'm not succumbing to my chronic introversion. When I am, I like to read, write, and spend way too much time researching anything and everything online. Pop into our office or call any time, 913-588-6580, to schedule an appointment or just say hello!

Counseling and Educational Support Service
G116 Student Center
Mail Stop 4006
3901 Rainbow Blvd.
Kansas City, KS 66160
P: 913-588-6580

Education and Training
  • M.S. Journalism, University of Kansas
  • B.S. Human Ecology & Journalism, Kansas State University