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Documentation Policy for ADD/ADHD Treatment That Includes Stimulant Medications

KU Medical Center's Counseling & Educational Support Services

For the medical providers at KU Medical Center's Counseling & Educational Support Services to initiate a treatment plan or continue an existing plan for stimulant medication, students and residents must:

  • Provide documentation of a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation within the last four years that includes:
    • Copy of at least one of these diagnostic tests.
      • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale 4th Edition (WAIS-IV)
      • Woodcock-Johnson 4th Edition Cognitive and Achievement Test
      • The Conners’ Adult ADHD Rating Scales–Self Report: Long Version (CAARS–S:L)
    • Copy of at least one of these computerized tests.
      • Connors Continuous Performance Test 3rd Edition (CPT-3)
      • The Test of Variables of Attention, Version 9 (TOVA-9)
    • Identification of the current functional issues.
    • A diagnostic statement, with clinical diagnosis, from the mental health professional who administered the testing.
    • A recommendation by the evaluator for a prescription as part of the treatment plan.

Please note that any significant event that would affect diagnosis/function since the last evaluation will necessitate updated testing.

To obtain those records that document you have undergone the above-mentioned psychological testing for ADHD, you must complete and sign a Release of Information (ROI) Form. Please contact us at 913-588-6580 to secure an ROI form.

If those records are not available, we can refer you to a community provider for psychometric testing.

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