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Suicide Awareness and Prevention Resources

The University of Kansas Medical Center works closely with our clinical partner, The University of Kansas Health System, to develop and share resources for our campus community.

We strive to improve our community's wellness and well-being, providing practical strategies for suicide prevention and resources to realize our goal of zero suicides in our internal community.

Crisis Resources

Available 24 hours a day, toll-free and confidential:

Available on campus:

Access Resources and Information

Whether you are on the Kansas City, Salina or Wichita campus, support is available

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Support and resources for employees of the medical center and the health system.

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If you are concerned about someone in your life, support is available.

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Warning Signs to Watch For   

  • discussing or thinking about wanting to die
  • a frequent sense of hopelessness, shame, guilt and/or vengefulness
  • losing the will to live
  • feeling like a burden to others
  • increased use of drugs or alcohol
  • frequent thoughts of violence or death
  • frequent dangerous behavior

Visit the Suicide Prevention Resource Center for more Warning Signs for Suicide.

When It’s Time to Act

  • Please treat any attempt at self-harm as an emergency.
  • If you feel the desire to hurt yourself, or if you have acted on that urge, you should get immediate help. Use the crisis resources above.
  • Often, if people try to hurt themselves once, they will try again.

Recommendations from The University of Kansas Health System

Our clinical partner offers a robust list of self-care resources, online relaxation tools and apps, as well as patient care information.

Visit the health system