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KU Medical Center

University of Kansas Medical Center Directory

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A sub-area of:
Main Phone:
Mailing address:
Mailstop 1034
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Physical address:
Sudler Hall
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Subordinate units:
Directory Contact(s):

Cheen Alkhatib, Assistant Professor
Angie Ballew, Assistant Research Manager
James Barner, Anesthesiology resident
Brent Barta, Assistant Professor
Chris Beck, Assistant Professor
Kirk Benson, Professor
Jaime Bischoff, Research RN
David Bishop, Assistant Professor
John Bracken, Assistant Professor
Ted Braun, Assistant Professor
JOHN BRETH, Assistant Professor
Adam Brown, Assistant Professor
Luke Brown, Instructor
Taylor Carter, Anesthesiology Resident
Molly Cason, Assistant Professor
Terry Chaffee, Clinical Associate Professor
Sneha Chandra, Assistant Professor
Kacy Chau, Resident
Joshua Cleveland, Anesthesiology resident
Elizabeth Cotter, Assistant Professor
Justin Daniels, Instructor
Tiffany Dempsey, Fellowship Coordinator
Marty DeRuyter, Professor
Robert Devine, Assistant Professor
Amanda Downey, Assistant Professor
Mirsad Dupanovic, Associate Professor
Sarah Fandre, Clinical Assistant Professor
Brigid Flynn, Associate Professor
Tracy Fogel, Residency Coordinator
Andrew Frazier, Anesthesiology resident
Sajjan Gayam, Anesthesiology resident
Kassatihun Gebre-Amlak, Instructor
Jana Goldsich, Assistant Professor
Morgan Gonder, Resident
Heather Gorman, Senior Residency Coordinator
Haley Goucher, Assistant Professor
Susheel Govindan, Resident
Patrick Grace, Pain Fellow
Alyssa Green, Anesthesiology resident
Joel Grigsby, Assistant Professor
Daniel Haines, Anesthesiology resident
Malik Hamid, Assistant Professor
Jennifer Hansen, Assistant Professor
Sean Harrison, Anesthesiology Resident
Gina Hendren, Associate Professor
Rachel Henning, Research RN
Alec Hermanson, Anesthesiology resident
Peter Hild, Associate Professor
Bryce Holmgren, Anesthesiology Resident
Maria Hondras, Senior Scientist
Seth Jacob, Assistant Professor
Daniel Jacobs, Anesthesiology resident
Matthew Jacobs, Anesthesiology resident
Laura Joslin, Anesthesiology resident
Nicholas Kaup, Anesthesiology resident
Jennifer Kenny, Clinical Assistant Professor
Talal Khan, Professor & Chairman
Nayema Khan, Instructor
Brent Kidd, Anesthesiologist
Brian Kim, Anesthesiology resident
Jim Kindscher, Professor
Laura Kirk, Anesthesiologist
Mark Koehn, Anesthesiology resident
Tony Kovac, Professor, Vice Chairman - Research
Tim Krause, Clinical Assistant Professor
Kenneth Kreisler, Associate Professor
Aaron LacKamp, Assistant Professor
Usman Latif, Assistant Professor
Douglas Lemons, Assistant Professor
Sheldon Leslie, Instructor
Samuel Lobell, Assistant Professor
Jeanette Lozenski, Assistant Professor
Kathleen MacNaughton Hance, Clinical Assistant Professor
Adam Madl, Anesthesiology resident
Smith Manion, Associate Professor
Michael McCartney, Assistant Professor
Ashley McCowen, Research Assistant
Jason Mensch, Assistant Professor
Daniel Mitchell, Former Student
Heather Mitzel Levy, Clinical Assistant Professor
Forrest Monroe, Pain fellow
Fernando Mujica, Assistant Professor
Jay Nachtigal, Assistant Professor
Diana Neamtu, Regional Fellow/ Junior Faculty
Danny Neuman, Anesthesiology resident
Andrea Nicol, Assistant Professor
Eric Noll, Anesthesiology resident
Tara Notarianni, student
Brendan O'Malley, Anesthesiologist
Walter Orr, Medical Research Writer
Amy Ortman, Assistant Professor
Katherine Palmieri, Associate Professor
Stephen Palmieri, Anesthesiology resident
Nicolas Patonai, Anesthesiology Resident
Joshua Peterson, Anesthesiology resident
Amy Pichoff, Associate Professor
Erin Plaza, Assistant Professor
Johnpaul Pozek, Assistant Professor
Michael Purvin, Assistant Professor
Adam Reese, Assistant Professor
Kimberlee Reetz, Clinical Instructor
Melissa Rockford, Clinical Assistant Professor
Miranda Rogers, Research Assistant
Andrew Sack, Assistant Professor
Dawood Sayed, Assistant Professor
Abha Shah, Clinical Associate Professor
Casey Shelley, Anesthesiology Resident
Hilary Sheridan, Anesthesiology resident
Grace Shih, Professor
Brett Smith, Anesthesiology resident
Timothy Sowder, Anesthesiology Resident
Jared Staab, Assistant Professor
Bryant Staples, Clinical Instructor
Katherine Stiles, Clinical Instructor
Shaun Stokes, Anesthesiology resident
Logan Strunk, student
Peter Sullivan, Anesthesiology resident
Jessica Sweeney, Assistant Professor
Stephen Tarver, Associate Director OR Programming &
John Thurn, Assistant Professor
Ron Torline, Associate Professor
Hans Tregear, Anesthesiology resident
Cameron Tusken, Resident
Greg Unruh, Associate Professor
Brandon Valantine, Anesthesiology resident
Audrey Vizzi, Regional Fellow/Junior Faculty
Tim Walsh, Instructor
Christopher Walsh, Anesthesiology Resident
Robin Walters, Assistant Professor
John Wiebelhaus, Anesthesiology Resident
John Williams, Anesthesiology resident
Mariaelena Williams, Anesthesiology resident
Matthew Wyatt, Clinical Instructor
Yuexian Xu, Clinical Instructor
John Yost, Clinical Instructor

Alkhatib, Cheen, Anesthesiology
Ballew, Angie, Anesthesiology
Barner, James, Anesthesiology
Barta, Brent, Anesthesiology
Beck, Chris, Anesthesiology
Benson, Kirk, Anesthesiology
Bischoff, Jaime, Anesthesiology
Bishop, David, Anesthesiology
Bracken, John, Anesthesiology
Braun, Ted, Anesthesiology
BRETH, JOHN, Anesthesiology
Brown, Adam, Anesthesiology
Brown, Luke, Anesthesiology
Carter, Taylor, Anesthesiology
Cason, Molly, Anesthesiology
Chaffee, Terry, Anesthesiology
Chandra, Sneha, Anesthesiology
Chau, Kacy, Anesthesiology
Cleveland, Joshua, Anesthesiology
Cotter, Elizabeth, Anesthesiology
Daniels, Justin, Anesthesiology
Dempsey, Tiffany, Anesthesiology
DeRuyter, Marty, Anesthesiology
Devine, Robert, Anesthesiology
Downey, Amanda, Anesthesiology
Dupanovic, Mirsad, Anesthesiology
Fandre, Sarah, Anesthesiology
Flynn, Brigid, Anesthesiology
Fogel, Tracy, Anesthesiology
Frazier, Andrew, Anesthesiology
Gayam, Sajjan, Anesthesiology
Gebre-Amlak, Kassatihun, Anesthesiology
Goldsich, Jana, Anesthesiology
Gonder, Morgan, Anesthesiology
Gorman, Heather, Anesthesiology
Goucher, Haley, Anesthesiology
Govindan, Susheel, Anesthesiology
Grace, Patrick, Anesthesiology
Green, Alyssa, Anesthesiology
Grigsby, Joel, Anesthesiology
Haines, Daniel, Anesthesiology
Hamid, Malik, Anesthesiology
Hansen, Jennifer, Anesthesiology
Harrison, Sean, Anesthesiology
Hendren, Gina, Anesthesiology
Henning, Rachel, Anesthesiology
Hermanson, Alec, Anesthesiology
Hild, Peter, Anesthesiology
Holmgren, Bryce, Anesthesiology
Hondras, Maria, Anesthesiology
Jacob, Seth, Anesthesiology
Jacobs, Daniel, Anesthesiology
Jacobs, Matthew, Anesthesiology
Joslin, Laura, Anesthesiology
Kaup, Nicholas, Anesthesiology
Kenny, Jennifer, Anesthesiology
Khan, Nayema, Anesthesiology
Khan, Talal, Anesthesiology
Kidd, Brent, Anesthesiology
Kim, Brian, Anesthesiology
Kindscher, Jim, Anesthesiology
Kirk, Laura, Anesthesiology
Koehn, Mark, Anesthesiology
Kovac, Tony, Anesthesiology
Krause, Tim, Anesthesiology
Kreisler, Kenneth, Anesthesiology
LacKamp, Aaron, Anesthesiology
Latif, Usman, Anesthesiology
Lemons, Douglas, Anesthesiology
Leslie, Sheldon, Anesthesiology
Lobell, Samuel, Anesthesiology
Lozenski, Jeanette, Anesthesiology
MacNaughton Hance, Kathleen, Anesthesiology
Madl, Adam, Anesthesiology
Manion, Smith, Anesthesiology
McCartney, Michael, Anesthesiology
McCowen, Ashley, Anesthesiology
Mensch, Jason, Anesthesiology
Mitchell, Daniel, Anesthesiology
Mitzel Levy, Heather, Anesthesiology
Monroe, Forrest, Anesthesiology
Mujica, Fernando, Anesthesiology
Nachtigal, Jay, Anesthesiology
Neamtu, Diana, Anesthesiology
Neuman, Danny, Anesthesiology
Nicol, Andrea, Anesthesiology
Noll, Eric, Anesthesiology
Notarianni, Tara, Anesthesiology
O'Malley, Brendan, Anesthesiology
Orr, Walter, Anesthesiology
Ortman, Amy, Anesthesiology
Palmieri, Katherine, Anesthesiology
Palmieri, Stephen, Anesthesiology
Patonai, Nicolas, Anesthesiology
Peterson, Joshua, Anesthesiology
Pichoff, Amy, Anesthesiology
Plaza, Erin, Anesthesiology
Pozek, Johnpaul, Anesthesiology
Purvin, Michael, Anesthesiology
Reese, Adam, Anesthesiology
Reetz, Kimberlee, Anesthesiology
Rockford, Melissa, Anesthesiology
Rogers, Miranda, Anesthesiology
Sack, Andrew, Anesthesiology
Sayed, Dawood, Anesthesiology
Shah, Abha, Anesthesiology
Shelley, Casey, Anesthesiology
Sheridan, Hilary, Anesthesiology
Shih, Grace, Anesthesiology
Smith, Brett, Anesthesiology
Sowder, Timothy, Anesthesiology
Staab, Jared, Anesthesiology
Staples, Bryant, Anesthesiology
Stiles, Katherine, Anesthesiology
Stokes, Shaun, Anesthesiology
Strunk, Logan, Anesthesiology
Sullivan, Peter, Anesthesiology
Sweeney, Jessica, Anesthesiology
Tarver, Stephen, Anesthesiology
Thurn, John, Anesthesiology
Torline, Ron, Anesthesiology
Tregear, Hans, Anesthesiology
Tusken, Cameron, Anesthesiology
Unruh, Greg, Anesthesiology
Valantine, Brandon, Anesthesiology
Vizzi, Audrey, Anesthesiology
Walsh, Christopher, Anesthesiology
Walsh, Tim, Anesthesiology
Walters, Robin, Anesthesiology
Wiebelhaus, John, Anesthesiology
Wild, David, Anesthesiology
Williams, John, Anesthesiology
Williams, Mariaelena, Anesthesiology
Wyatt, Matthew, Anesthesiology
Xu, Yuexian, Anesthesiology
Yost, John, Anesthesiology

This directory is a public record. It is a violation of Kansas State Law to knowingly give, sell or receive names and/or addresses from a public record for the purposes of selling or offering for sale any property or service to persons listed therein.