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KUMC Police

A sub-area of:
Main Phone:
Mailing address:
2100 West 36 Avenue Kansas City KS 66160
Physical address:
2100 West 36 Avenue Kansas City KS 66160
Directory Contact(s):

Abdul, Maryam, Police Services
Arias, Amy, Special Services
Atkins, LaToya, Police Services
Baker, Keasha, Police Services
Belk, Richard, Special Services
Belk, Stephanie, Community Services
Black, Abiodun, Police Services
Blanchard, Robert, Police Services
Boldt, Jeremiah, Community Services
Bronson, Kevin, KUMC Police
Cabalse, Romeo, Community Services
Callahan, Marion, Special Services
Calzada Ortiz, Lesly, KUMC Police
Carrillo, Edmond, Police Services
Castaneda, Brian, Police Services
Chavez, Christine, KUMC Police
Chavez, Oscar, Community Services
Clemons, Lynette, Special Services
Conchola, Gregory, Community Services
Costabile, Gaspare, Police Services
Cowan, Dewayne, KUMC Police
Crabtree, Shawn, Police Services
Creasser, Justin, Special Services
Dozier, Miriam, KUMC Police Administration
Drybread, Adam, Police Services
Duncan, Danyell, Community Services
Dunn, Kelly, KUMC Police Administration
Durst, James, Community Services
Eklund, Blake, Police Services
Eller, Jennifer, KUMC Police
Elliott, Cynthia, Special Services
Ellis, Grant, Police Services
En, Linda, Police Services
Farquhar, John, Community Services
Finnell, Clint, Police Services
Fisher, Minnie, KUMC Police
Fondren, Hamp, KUMC Police
Friday, Paige, KUMC Police
Fryer, Christopher, Community Services
Gibbs, Fred, Police Services
Gibson, Anthony, Police Services
Gibson, Robert, Community Services
Giebler, Kimberly, Community Services
Gimre, Virginia, Community Services
Gray, Hanif, Police Services
Guerra, Abriela, Police Services
Gutschenritter, Peter, Community Services
Guzman Bustillos, Eric, KUMC Police
Halderman, Grant, KUMC Police
Hatmon, Nathon, Police Services
Healy, Martin, Police Services
Henderson, Kim, Community Services
Hendricks, Danny, KUMC Police
Hill, James, Police Services
Holland, Donald, Special Services
Hollis, Rickey, Community Services
Hooper, Joshua, KUMC Police
Howard, Christine, KUMC Police Administration
Howe, James, Community Services
Hughes, David, Police Services
Hupka, Erica, KUMC Police Administration
Jacobs, Adam, Community Services
Jacobs, Kenneth, Police Services
James, Benjamin, Community Services
Johnson, Rick, KUMC Police Administration
Jones, David, Community Services
Jones, Javonte, Police Services
Jones, Paul, KUMC Police
Kirk, Robert, Police Services
Kramer, Emily, Community Services
Lawson, Miranda, Police Services
Leal, Anthony, Community Services
Lee, LaTonya, KUMC Police Administration
Lemons, Jamie, Community Services
Longoria, Justin, Police Services
Loth, Phillip, Police Services
Lowe, Wilonda, Police Services
Lyman, Janell, KUMC Police
Lyon, Mark, KUMC Police
Macan, Robert, Community Services
Marshall, Byron, Community Services
Marshall, Daniela, Community Services
Marshall, Jasmine, Special Services
Marshall, Travis, Police Services
Martin, Kayla, Police Services
Martinez, Alma, Special Services
Masilionis, Daniel, Police Services
McCullen, Hannah, Community Services
Mehl, Jillian, Police Services
Menezes, April, Community Services
Menezes, Bret, KUMC Police
Metz, Robert, KUMC Police
Ming, Mark, KUMC Police
Moody, Ian, Police Services
Mortenson, William, Police Services
Moss, Philip, Police Services
Motoko, Emmanuel, Community Services
Mott, Travis, Community Services
Mullins, Mona, Community Services
Nance, Terrence, KUMC Police
Oleson, Benjamin, Police Services
Oleson, Brian, Police Services
Olsen, Sterling, Police Services
Omani, Obang, Police Services
O'Reilly, Romulo, Police Services
Pate, Joe, Community Services
Pfeifer, Samantha, KUMC Police
Powers, James, KUMC Police Administration
Randle, Tami, Community Services
Reinhardt, Kurt, Police Services
Rowald, Bradford, Community Services
Rushing, Michael, KUMC Police
Rystrom, Matthew, Police Services
Santiago, Darlene, Police Services
Schnackenberg, Thomas, Police Services
Scott, Howard, Police Services
Shipley, Timothy, Community Services
Shultz, Richard, Community Services
Smith, Gail, KUMC Police
Smith, Ian, Community Services
Stach, Daniel, Police Services
Stackhaus, Charles, Community Services
Still, Edward, Community Services
Still, Kevin, Police Services
Summers, Carrie, KUMC Police
Taylor, Steven, Community Services
Thompson, Dove, Police Services
Thompson, Michael, Community Services
Tonguet, Elena, Community Services
Trenolone, Michael, Community Services
Turgeon, Toby, KUMC Police
Weber, Peter, Police Services
Webster, Dena, Special Services
Weissenbach, Benjamin, Police Services
Willey, Jay, Police Services
Wilson, Jacob, KUMC Police
Winters, Wesley, Police Services
Wleh, Choloplay, Community Services
Wood, Jarrod, Police Services
Woodard, Kenneth, KUMC Police
Woodruff, Matt, KUMC Police
Yardley, Wesley, Community Services
Zubeck, Jessica, Community Services
Zwonitzer, Michael, Community Services

This directory is a public record. It is a violation of Kansas State Law to knowingly give, sell or receive names and/or addresses from a public record for the purposes of selling or offering for sale any property or service to persons listed therein.