Main Phone:
Mailing address:
Mailstop 3011
4000 Cambridge St Kansas Ctiy KS 66160
Physical address:
The University of Kansas Hospital
4000 Cambridge St Kansas Ctiy KS 66160
Directory Contact(s):

Abramson, Jaime, Rehab Serv- Occupational Therapy
Acosta, David, Radiology Support Staff
Adair, Laura, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Adam, Lucas, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Adams, Cheryl, Support Services, Clin Lab
ADEN, HALIMO, Respiratory Therapy
Adler, Dana, Radiology General
Aguilar, Noe, Biomedical Engineering
Aguirre, Jessica, Support Services, Clin Lab
Ahmed, Ayesha, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Albright, Jerry, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Alcantara, Katie, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Alexander, Pat, Support Services, Clin Lab
Alford, Sarah, IP Rehab Services Admin
Algrim, Amie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Alkhdar, Rabe, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Allen, Brittainy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Allen, Bryan, Imaging Center - West Plaza
Allen, Jake, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Allen, Shelbi, Radiology Support Staff
Allen, Wendy, Computed Tomography
Alli, Adam, Radiology Faculty
Alquist, Ethan, Respiratory Therapy
Alvarez, Sean, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Amrein, Elaine, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Anderson, Addrika, Support Services, Clin Lab
Anderson, Joan, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Anderson, Leila, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Anderson, Marni, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Andrews, Stephen, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Anselmi, Kathy, Radiology General
Anthony, Kassie, Clinical Nutrition Service
Archer, Sydney, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Arroyo, Isabella, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Arthur, Alan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Ash, Amanda, Radiology General
Ash, Courtney, Respiratory Therapy
Ash, Ryan, Radiology Faculty
Ashford, Kyle, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Ashworth, Amber, Poison Control Center
Askren, Tiffany, Sleep Disorders Center
Asmelash, Lily, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Asmelash, Zewdinesh, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Assa, Sylvie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Atchison, Joy, Biomedical Engineering Administrati
Atkinson, Levi, Support Services, Clin Lab
Audiss, Brittany, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Aue, Stephanie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Austin, Courtney, Radiology Nursing
Auzat, Jessica, Computed Tomography
Avalos, Novella, Support Services, Clin Lab
Axman, Britany, Radiology General
Babcock, Jennifer, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Bagby, Lindsey, Interventional Radiology
Bagsby, Jordan, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Bailey, Damien, Blood Bank
Bailey, Michael, Radiology General
Baines, Shirley, Radiology General
Baines, Stefanie, Poison Control Center
Baker, Bethann, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Baker, Collin, Interventional Radiology
Baker, Greg, Respiratory Therapy
Banks, Anne-Marie, Poison Control Center
Banner, Sara, Respiratory Therapy
Barger, Stephanie, Interventional Radiology
Barker, Kayla, Interventional Radiology
Barnthouse, Chris, Radiology Administration
Barnthouse, Nick, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Barron, Liz, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Barry, Ashley, Respiratory Therapy
Barton, Angie, Radiology Faculty
Bassett, Deedra, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Baswell, Penny, Support Services, Clin Lab
Bauer, Emily, Radiology Support Staff
Beaty, Alexander, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Beck, Teri, Cytogenetics
Beckner, Aynssa, Respiratory Therapy
Beeler, Adam, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Behm, Ryan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Beisser, Andrew, Interventional Radiology
Bell, Chris, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Bell, Julie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Bell, Marvette, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Belling, Morgan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Bemboom, Lacy, Radiology Faculty
Bennett, Anne, Sleep Disorders Center
BERENS, TODD, Respiratory Therapy
Bergee, Elizabeth, Support Services, Clin Lab
Bergmann, Caitlin, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Bertsch, Judson, Radiology Faculty
Best, Shaun, Radiology Faculty
Beteselassie, Nebiyu, Radiology Faculty
Betts, Twila, Biomedical Engineering Administrati
Bhakta, Bhavika, Respiratory Therapy
Bhattachan, Trishna, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Billings, Douglas, Radiology General
Bird, Vicky, Nuclear Medicine
Bishop, Jillian, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Bishop, Teddi, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Bivona, JENNIFER, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Blake, Janet, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Blakey, Brandy, Radiology General
Blocker, Charles, Computed Tomography
Boatright, Christine, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Bock, Lindsey, Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuro
Bohannan, Melissa, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Bohrer, Elizabeth, IP Rehab Services Admin
Bollard, Amy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Bonnet, Andre, Radiology General
BORNHEIMER, Mark, Radiology Arrowhead
Bova, Aquilina, Interventional Radiology
Bowen, Aaron, Radiology Arrowhead
Bowman, Connor, Poison Control Center
Bowman, Richard, Biomedical Engineering
Boyd, Mercedes, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Bradshaw, Lindsay, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
BRANN, Ann, Respiratory Therapy
Branson, Kealy, Respiratory Therapy
BRAVIN, LESLEY, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Brawner, Susan, Cardiac Rehab Overland Park
Bredeck, Joseph, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Breeden, Elizabeth, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Brewer, Tammy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Brittine, Priscilla, Respiratory Therapy
Bronn, Hope, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Brooks, Dillia, Sonography
Brown, Carly, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Brown, Joe, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Brown, Kevin, Radiology Faculty
Brown, Naomi, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Brown, Scott, Computed Tomography
Brown, Shawn, Computed Tomography
Brown, Will, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Brubaker, Emily, Respiratory Therapy
Bruna, Ashley, Radiology Nursing
Bryant, Jason, Respiratory Therapy
Bryant, Jessica, Radiology General
Bryant, Susan, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Bugner, Brooke, Computed Tomography
Bureman, Robert, Biomedical Engineering
Burghart, Steven, Rainbow 39 Pharmacy
Burke, Sierra, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Burkhart, Melissa, Computed Tomography
Burkholder, Rick, Radiology Administration
Burnett-Wise, Nico, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Burns, John, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Burrell, Megan, Interventional Radiology
Burt, Barbara, Radiology Administration
Burwell, Sheena, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Busch, Sarah, IP Rehab Services Admin
Bush, Madison, Respiratory Therapy
Bush, Stacy, Sleep Disorders Center
Butler, Kris, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Byard, Kyle, Respiratory Therapy
Cain, Jamie, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Calahan, Calli, Sonography
Callaghan-Helling, Tobi, Interventional Radiology
Calovich, Eric, Radiology Support Staff
Campbell, Monica, Radiology Administration
Campbell, Val, Radiology Support Staff
Cannaley, Shanna, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Cantin, Robyn, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Cardona, Kellyn, Radiology Nursing
Carmody, Christopher, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Carroll, Jerri, Computed Tomography
Carroll, Melissa, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Carter, Erika, Cytogenetics
Carter, Jordan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Carter, Kelly, Radiology Nursing
Carter, MaKayla, Rehab Serv- Physical Therapy
Casaquite, Marianne, Interventional Radiology
Cascone, Vincent, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Castillo, Christian, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Cavanaugh, Rebecca, Radiology Nursing
Cepeda, Alvin, Respiratory Therapy
Cervantes, Rosy, Support Services, Clin Lab
Chan, San Long, Respiratory Therapy
Chance, Scott, Nuclear Medicine
Chandler, Mary, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Cheney, Jackie, MRI
Chiarolanza, Glenn, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Chiselita, Andreea, Cytogenetics
Chovanec, Lori, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Cilufo, Kaitlin, Clinical Nutrition Service
Cindrich, Laurie, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Clark, John, Radiology Support Staff
Clary, Mackenzie, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Clary, Shar, Westwood Radiology
Clemons, Janelle, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Cline, Caron, KU MedWest Radiology
Coatman, Elizabeth, Radiology Nursing
Coats, Scott, Respiratory Therapy
Cochran, Brian, MRI
Coffee, Kara, Interventional Radiology
Cohen, Rose, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Colbert, Breanna, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Coleman, Chris, Biomedical Engineering
Collins, Becky, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Collins, Darien, Interventional Radiology
Collins, Zachary, Radiology Faculty
Comeaux, Gerren, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Contreras, Josh, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Conyers, Dan, Respiratory Therapy
Cook, Larry, Radiology Faculty
Cook, Tiffany, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Cooley, Sydney, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Coons, Doyle, Poison Control Center
Cooper, Courtney, Radiology General
Cope, Bryce, Computed Tomography
Copeland, Mary Ann, Respiratory Therapy
Copeland, Tiffany, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Corcoran, Amy, MRI
Cordell, Ruth, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Corkill, Patty, Radiology Administration
Corpin, Emily, Respiratory Therapy
Corvaia, Tiffaney, Respiratory Therapy
Couch, Valerie, Support Services, Clin Lab
Coufal, Amanda, Clinical Nutrition Service
Couldry, Barbara, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Cox, Glen, Radiology Faculty
Cox, Holly, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Cox, Wendy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Cox-Mosburg, Jaina, KU MedWest Radiology
Crain, Tina, Radiology Administration
Craycraft, Hallie, Cytogenetics
Creed, David, Radiology Faculty
Creek, Harley, Radiology Administration
Cress, Alicia, Support Services, Clin Lab
Crist, Kathleen, Respiratory Therapy
Crockett, Kent, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Cromwell, Brian, Respiratory Therapy
Cronise, Alisha, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Crozier, Carson, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Cudahy, Champ, Support Services, Clin Lab
Cullom, Jim, Radiology Administration
Cunningham, Emily, MRI
Curtis, Matthew, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Cusimano, Angela, Clinical Nutrition Service
Custer, Brandon, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Cytotechnologist, Pager, Cytogenetics
Dahlstrom, Kelly, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Dalangin, Shawn, Interventional Radiology
DANDURAND, Ben, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Daniel, Sarah, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Darr, Lindsay, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Davis, Caitlin, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Davis, Marilyn, Lab Administration
Day, Amanda, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Deleersnyder, Chris, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Dellenbaugh, Carolyn, Clinical Nutrition Service
Delt, Janille, Respiratory Therapy
Denny, Jody, Radiology General
Denton, Kevin, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Deroo, CAROLE, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Derry, Audra, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
DeSouza, Koffi, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Desta, Kassahun, Support Services, Clin Lab
Diddle, Sarah, Lab Administration
Diehls, Eva, Sonography
Diekemper, Josie, Clinical Nutrition Service
Diggett, Bethany, Clinical Nutrition Service
Dilley, Jeffrey, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
DILLON, BETH, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Dillon, Matt, Support Services, Clin Lab
Dillon, Susan, Cytology
Dimarco, John, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Dinh, Linh, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Dinoni, Derek, Interventional Radiology
Dissanayake, Taru, Respiratory Therapy
Diullo, Kelly, Interventional Radiology
Do, Sunny, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Dobbie, Morgan, Interventional Radiology
Dodson, Nick, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Doel, Brian, Interventional Radiology
Donaldson, Seth, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Donius, Chrystal, Respiratory Therapy
Doughty, Donna, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Douglas, Tena, Support Services, Clin Lab
Dowdy, Gilbren, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Downs, Tyler, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Drath, Alex, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Dreiling, Kay, Nuclear Medicine
Drew, Nicole, Radiology General
Driever, Mirasol, Support Services, Clin Lab
Driskill, Ashlyn, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
D'Rummo, Kevin, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Dulaney, Marlene, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Duncan, Laura, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Duncan, Nassia, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Dyck, Margaret, Respiratory Therapy
Dyson-Coope, Cindi, MRI
Eastwood, Amy, Support Services, Clin Lab
Ecklund-Johnson, Eric, Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuro
Eddy, Beth, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Edmondson, Christi, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Edwards, Lauren, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Edwards, Santera, Radiology Support Staff
Edwards, Triseana, Support Services, Clin Lab
Egelhof, Amy, Cytogenetics
Eicher, Stefanie, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Eidson, Tiffany, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Emmerling, Jacqueline, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
enigen, Genial, Cytogenetics
Erich, Brad, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Escobar Medina, Maria, Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuro
Evans, Jeffrey, Computed Tomography
EVERIST, BRIAN, Radiology Faculty
Fahrbach, Thomas, Radiology Faculty
Faith, Kimberly, Cytogenetics
Falcon, Paul, Interventional Radiology
Falk, Elizabeth, Computed Tomography
Fanizza, Frank, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Farrell, Diane, Interventional Radiology
Farris, Anita, Poison Control Center
Faustino, Amy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Fearn, Kenny, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Feldott, Erin, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Ferguson, Stacy, MRI
Fernandez, Victoria, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
FIKRU, BELETE, Respiratory Therapy
Filby, Kristen, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
FINKBINER, ERIC, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Finlan, Shannon, Radiology General
Fiore, Emily, Blood Bank
Fiore, Gerre, Interventional Radiology
Fischer, Kristen, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Fischer, Mallory, Radiology General
Fishback, Shelby, Radiology Faculty
Fisher, Ebony, Radiology Support Staff
Fisher, Holly, IP Rehab Services Admin
Fisher, Kelcii, Rehab Serv- Physical Therapy
Fiss, Kelsie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Fitzgerald, Kyle, Respiratory Therapy
Fitzpatrick, Lindsey, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Flowers, Ashley, Radiology General
Folbre, Jenna, Support Services, Clin Lab
Folsom, Zalene, Radiology General
Forristal, Jennifer, Clinical Nutrition Service
Fortier, Brenda, Computed Tomography
Foster, Rachel, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Foster, Shelly, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Fracul, Paul, Pulmonary Function
Frager, Luke, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Frain, Tina, Respiratory Therapy
France, Candice, Radiology Nursing
Franklin, Kelsey, Support Services, Clin Lab
Franklin, Pierra, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Frazell, Kelly, Respiratory Therapy
Freeman, Mallory, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Freitag, Michael, Radiology Residents/Fellows
French, Michael, Blood Bank
Frenette, Aaron, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Frey, Laura, Respiratory Therapy
Gabaisen, Mischelle, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Gabriel, Jamie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Gacek, Nancy, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Gaillard, Kathy, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Gallagher, Heather, Cytology
Galloway, Clayton, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Galvan, Delicia, KU MedWest Lab
Garroutte, Falisha, Respiratory Therapy
Garroutte, Kara, Respiratory Therapy
Garza, Deborah, Radiology General
Garza, Heather, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Gatewood, Jason, Radiology Faculty
Gaydess, Lori, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Gayed, Claire, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Gee, Kristina, Radiology General
Genton, Sarah, Clinical Nutrition Service
George, Barbara, Interventional Radiology
George, Jennifer, Computed Tomography
Gertsema, Barbara, Clinical Nutrition Service
Giacalone, Adam, Radiology Administration
Gibson, Timothy, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Giese, Shannon, Clinical Nutrition Service
GILLIS, RYANE, Respiratory Therapy
Gilmore, Carol, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Gilmore, Jennifer, Respiratory Therapy
Ginter, Julie, Rehab Services Admin
Glass, Michael, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Goerdt, Abby, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Goetz, Laura, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Gomez, Jesse, Respiratory Therapy
Gonzales, Linda, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Goodman, Brian, Computed Tomography
Gooley, Kathy, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Grabham, Kassy, Respiratory Therapy
Grace, Julie, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Grace, Megan, Radiology Nursing
Grant, John, Respiratory Therapy
Grant, Lindsey, Computed Tomography
Graves, Cindy, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Green, Tracy, Radiology General
Greene, Tina, Interventional Radiology
Greenhaw, Adam, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Greer, Lauren, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Griffin, Chanel, Clinical Nutrition Service
Griffin, Myra, Support Services, Clin Lab
Grinde, Anders, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Gritzan, Marla, Respiratory Therapy
Groover, Emma, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Guenther, Mitchell, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Guerrero, Matt, Respiratory Therapy
Guerrero, Zach, Respiratory Therapy
Guess, Julie, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Haberly, Brett, Respiratory Therapy
Hale, Holly, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Hale, Robert, Respiratory Therapy
Haler, Jacqueline, Radiology General
Hall, Ashley, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Hamm, Tiffany, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Hampton, Brittany, Support Services, Clin Lab
Hancock, Pamela, Radiology Support Staff
Haney, Nick, Respiratory Therapy
Hansford, Mike, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Hard, Mia, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Hare, CJ, Interventional Radiology
Harms, Erin, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Harper, Ashleigh, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Harreld, Dylan, Respiratory Therapy
Harris, John, Respiratory Therapy
Hartman, Sarah, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Hasham, Hasnain, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Hashman, Kevin, Biomedical Engineering Administrati
Hawes, Rachel, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Hawkins, Chris, Biomedical Engineering
Hawkins, Kierra, Support Services, Clin Lab
Hayden, Rebecca, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Hayob, Sandy, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Headley, Leslie, IP Rehab Services Admin
Heath, Chris, Respiratory Therapy
Heckman, Gabrielle, Rehab Serv- Occupational Therapy
Heim, Alicia, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
HELMS, Dean, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Helvey, Jen, Radiology Nursing
Henaku, Aboagye, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Henderson, Ashlee, Cytogenetics
Henderson, Jackie, Support Services, Clin Lab
Henderson, Kody, Respiratory Therapy
Henderson, Olivia, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Henderson, Trinia, Support Services, Clin Lab
Henrichs, Dusti, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Hensley, Ken, Radiology Administration
Herndon-Landry, Marsha, Radiology Nursing
Herrick, Terri, Support Services, Clin Lab
Herrman, Megan, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Hickman, Danniele, Radiology Support Staff
Hill, Chester, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Hill, Jacqueline, Radiology Faculty
HILL, JOYCE, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Hill, Meredith, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Hilliges, Sarah, Respiratory Therapy
Hiltner, Brittany, Support Services, Clin Lab
Hinson, Gary, Radiology Faculty
Histotechnologist, On-Call, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Ho, Julie, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Hockemeyer, Todd, Nuclear Medicine
Hodina, Jerry, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Hoelting, Kyle, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Hoffman, Melissa, Radiology General
Hollon, Andrew, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Holman, Becca, Respiratory Therapy
Holmes, Drew, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Hoover, Jared, Respiratory Therapy
HOOVER, ROSANNE, Radiology Faculty
HOOVER, SHERRY, Sleep Disorders Center
Hornbeck, Mary, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Horton, Carol, Radiology Support Staff
Horton, Kaleb, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Hoskins, Kayla, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Houghton, Candace, Radiology Administration
House, Mary, Respiratory Therapy
Howard, Keli, Sonography
Howard, Lana, Support Services, Clin Lab
Howell, Ashley, Respiratory Therapy
Hubler, Nora, Clinical Nutrition Service
Huck, Jerrod, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Hughes, Desirah, Radiology General
Hughes, Sarah, Respiratory Therapy
HULL, Melissa, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Humphrey, Bryan, Respiratory Therapy
Humphrey, Christina, Support Services, Clin Lab
Humphrey, Jessica, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Humphries, Mitchelle, Respiratory Therapy
Hund, Amelia, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Hund, Samuel, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Hurtado, Tina, Radiology Support Staff
Huynh, Jennifer, Respiratory Therapy
Ice, Karyn, Radiology Support Staff
Iloreta, KATHERINE, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Inciardi, Marc, Radiology Faculty
Ioerger, Shay, Westwood Radiology
Iqbal, Maaz, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Ira, Brittnee, Radiology Nursing
Irani, Neville, Radiology Faculty
Jackson, Veronica, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
James, Nichole, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Jeanneret, Lori, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Jefferson, Pat, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Jenkins, Valdurie, Support Services, Clin Lab
Jewell, David, Respiratory Therapy
Jewell, Kerri, Cardiac Rehab Overland Park
Jiandani, Bhavika, Respiratory Therapy
Jobbins, Kayla, Radiology General
Johansen, Norman, Biomedical Engineering
Johnson, Alisha, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Johnson, Emilee, Support Services, Clin Lab
Johnson, Jaime, Respiratory Therapy
Johnson, Kelli, Lab Administration
Johnson, Lawrence, Radiology General
Johnson, McKenzie, Radiology General
Johnson, Michele, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Johnson, Philip, Radiology Faculty
Johnson, Sara, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Johnson, Steve, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Johnson, Trevor, Computed Tomography
Joiner, Nina, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Jones, Glenda, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Jones, Jennifer, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Jones, Jessica, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Jones, Jessica, Blood Bank
Jones, Jill, Radiology Faculty
Jones, Joshua, Durable Medical Services
Jones, Kellie, MRI
Jones, Lindsay, Cytogenetics
Jones, Masani, Support Services, Clin Lab
Jones, Nicolette, Clinical Nutrition Service
JONES, PAULETTE, Radiology Support Staff
Jones, Steven, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Jones, Valerie, Support Services, Clin Lab
Joyce, Mary, Rehab Serv- Occupational Therapy
Just, Melissa, Blood Bank
Justice, Billy, Lab Administration
Kadel, Michael, Respiratory Therapy
Kaehr, Brianna, Westwood Radiology
Kahler, Carlie, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Kanago, Alexi, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Kasson, Kara, Clinical Nutrition Service
Kautz, Genevieve, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Keilty, Sean, Interventional Radiology
Kelly, Michael, Respiratory Therapy
Kennedy, Carli, Respiratory Therapy
Kennedy, Julie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Kennedy, Rosi, Support Services, Clin Lab
Kennett, Amy, Clinical Nutrition Service
Kenney, Nick, Radiology Administration
Kensinger, LeRue, Respiratory Therapy
Keosay, Noy, Rainbow 39 Pharmacy
Kerby, Troy, Radiology Faculty
Kern Beck, Jess, Support Services, Clin Lab
Kester, Michelle, Radiology Support Staff
Keyes, Nina, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Kiesel, Lindsay, Respiratory Therapy
Kiesow, Tracie, Westwood Radiology
Kim, Jason, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Kimbley, Kelley, Respiratory Therapy
Kimmons, Rob, Interventional Radiology
King, Anna, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Kinsman, Lynn, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Kipping, Amy, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Kirby, Michael, Biomedical Engineering
Kirkpatrick, Daniel, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Kisker, Aaron, Radiology Administration
Kisler, Tracy, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Kityo, Bernard, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Klenke, Susan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Kliethermes, Janet, Lab Administration
Klippel, Dave, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Klouvi, Serge, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Kness, Megan, Respiratory Therapy
Knox, Makinzie, Radiology Support Staff
Knutson, Jace, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Koger, Meggon, Interventional Radiology
Kooser, Jennifer, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Kovar, Kim, Sonography
Kovarik, Dawn, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Krahenbuhl, Michelle, Rehab Serv - Speech
Kraus, Todd, Biomedical Engineering
Krop, Paul, Respiratory Therapy
Krowas, Haley, Respiratory Therapy
Kruse, Joel, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Kuehler, Cierra, Blood Bank
Kuhn, Courtney, Cytology
Kummer, John, Blood Bank
Kupka, Marj, KU MedWest Radiology
LaBore, D.J., Respiratory Therapy
LaFever, Jonathan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Lagud, Devin, Rehab Services Admin
Lam, Sang, MRI
Lamphier, Jessie, Respiratory Therapy
Lang, Dylan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Langley, Jim, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Larson, Eric, Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation
Larson, Marissa, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Lawson, Riley, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Le, Huyenchi, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Ledbetter, Luke, Radiology Faculty
Lee, Andrea, Respiratory Therapy
Leever, John, Radiology Faculty
Leiker, Megan, Respiratory Therapy
Lemons, Steven, Radiology Faculty
Letourneau, Vicki, Respiratory Therapy
Lewis, Precious, KU MedWest Lab
Lewis, Susan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Lewis, Tracie, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Lichtenauer, Kelli, Radiology General
Lillard-Williams, Taylor, Radiology Nursing
Lind, Ashley, Interventional Radiology
Lindenmuth, Burton, Blood Bank
Linder, Kelly, Clinical Nutrition Service
Lindgren, Tom, Respiratory Therapy
Link, Emma, Clinical Nutrition Service
Litwin, Laura, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Loftiss, Denise, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Loggins, Marquaisha, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Loucks, Jennifer, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Lubanski, Philip, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Luchen, Gina, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Luetkemeyer, India, Clinical Nutrition Service
Lutz, Randy, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Lydick, Denise, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Madarang, Ernest, Radiology Faculty
Madden, Renee, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Maffitt, Tami, Blood Bank
Magana, Elaine, Respiratory Therapy
Mahler, Kevin, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Mais, Thomas, Radiology Support Staff
Mall, Lauren, Interventional Radiology
Malleck, Kevin, Interventional Radiology
Marchello, Tara, Clinical Nutrition Service
Marshall, Maurico, Interventional Radiology
Marson, Maria, Interventional Radiology
Martell, Damien, Respiratory Therapy
Martin, Grace, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Martin, Mike, Lab Administration
Martin, Vicky, Sonography
Martinez, Adriana, Radiology Support Staff
Mason, Rochelle, Support Services, Clin Lab
Mathias, Marc, Respiratory Therapy
Matile, Stephanie, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Matlock, Rynda, Respiratory Therapy
Matthew, Macy, Rehab Serv- Occupational Therapy
Mattison, Paula, Respiratory Therapy
Maxwell, Kevin, Radiology Residents/Fellows
May, Stephanie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
MCAFEE, Brian, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
McBrearty, Mary, Clinical Nutrition Service
McBride, Lois, Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuro
McBride, Melissa, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
McCandless, Mary Jayne, Westwood Radiology
McCarty, Jenna, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
McChristy, David, Respiratory Therapy
McClendon, Michelle, Support Services, Clin Lab
McClenton, Meredith, Rehab Services Admin
McComas-Jimenez, Nikki, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
McCrary, Brad, Radiology Faculty
McGovern, Lindsey, Rehab Serv- Occupational Therapy
McHenry, Rochelle, Interventional Radiology
McKeighan, Brian, Radiology Support Staff
McKinney, Mike, Poison Control Center
McLean, John, Pulmonary Function
McMahon, Carolyn, Blood Bank
McMain, Chantel, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
McMain, Eric, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
McMillan, Ashton, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
McMillen, Randy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Meek, Lucas, Radiology Faculty
Meeker, Diana, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Meier, Alexandra, KU MedWest Lab
Meier, Tim, Blood Bank
Meisinger, Corey, Radiology Nursing
Mendoza, Bonnie, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Mendoza, MARK, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Merkel, Dean, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Merriman, Corey, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Merriman, Jayme, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Midulla, Tiffani, Radiology General
Miller, Angela, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Miller, Katherine, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Miller, Kirk, Radiology Faculty
Miller, Paula, Lab Administration
Miller, stephanie, Radiology General
Miller, Tom, Westwood Radiology
Miner, Morgan, Radiology General
Mitchell, Vickie, Radiology Support Staff
Mize, Jeff, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Mollenbeck, Amber, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Moloney, Patrick, Home Infusion Pharmacy
MONDAY, JANET, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
MONFORE, MONTE, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Monteil, Tammy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Montgomery, Brooke, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Moore, Brittany, Sleep Disorders Center
Moore, Brittany, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Moore, Katy, Respiratory Therapy
Moore, Nikita, Respiratory Therapy
Moorman, Patrick, Radiology General
Moppin, Meghan, Radiology Nursing
Morey, Craig, Lab Administration
Morgan, Hope, MRI
Morgan, Michelle, Respiratory Therapy
Morris, Kelsey, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Moschner, Tara, Westwood Radiology
Moua, Yer, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Moultrie, Carrena, Support Services, Clin Lab
Mueller, David, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Muha, Lisa, Lab Administration
Mumme, Dena, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Murphy, Kim, Westwood Radiology
Murphy, Shayla, Radiology Faculty
Mussman, Angie, Respiratory Therapy
Mutter, Autumn, Support Services, Clin Lab
Myer, Aubrey, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Nascimento, Marcio, Biomedical Engineering
Nash, Brittney, Support Services, Clin Lab
Ndubuisi, Chidera, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Nebbia, Sara, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Neff, Dan, Support Services, Clin Lab
Neilson, Rebecca, Support Services, Clin Lab
Nelson, Douglas, Radiology Faculty
Nelson, Jacob, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Nelson, Rosalinda, Interventional Radiology
Ngundo, Thomas, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Nguyen, Johnny, Blood Bank
Nguyen, Tai, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Nguyen, Tommy, Respiratory Therapy
Nguyen, Trung, Respiratory Therapy
Nguyen, Tuyet, Respiratory Therapy
Nhan, Steven, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Niroumand, Maryam, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Noll, Sara, Respiratory Therapy
Nordhaus, Julian, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Norris, Christopher, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Norris, Mariella, Interventional Radiology
Northrop, David, Respiratory Therapy
Novak, Shayla, Radiology General
Ntelekos, Amy, Sonography
Oberheu, Mark, Biomedical Engineering
OBERLE, Karla, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Oborny, Haley, Interventional Radiology
Ochieng, Claire, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
O'Connor, Susan, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Oehlert, Gregg, Pulmonary Function
Oeser, Jessica, Blood Bank
Oestreich, Trent, Sleep Disorders Center
Ogle, Kathryn, Support Services, Clin Lab
Ohler, Judy, Interventional Radiology
Okojie, Tracy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Okoth, Victor, Respiratory Therapy
Oliver, Nathan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Oller, Lisa, Poison Control Center
Olsen, Kali, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
O'Neal, Teresa, Sleep Disorders Center
Onyema, Ijeoma, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Orona, Cynthia, Interventional Radiology
Ortmeyer, Janice, Sonography
Orzano, Christian, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Oswald, Olivia, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Otten, Mariselda, Computed Tomography
Owens, Mel, Support Services, Clin Lab
Pace, Kim, Respiratory Therapy
Palmer, Corben, MRI
Pan, Fuping, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
PanKratz, Jennifer, Interventional Radiology
Pannell, Candis, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Parise, Michelle, Interventional Radiology
Parker, Naifun, Respiratory Therapy
Parks, Adam, Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuro
Parks, Diana, Respiratory Therapy
Parsons, Vicki, Lab Administration
Patel, Maitri, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Patel, Niru, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Patel, Prameet, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Patterson, Jason, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Patterson, Kayla, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Patton, Amanda, Support Services, Clin Lab
Payea, Bekkah, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
PAYNE, DEADRA, Respiratory Therapy
Pearson, Caleb, Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuro
Pearson, Nicole, Interventional Radiology
Pearson, Pam, Support Services, Clin Lab
Peck, Roger, Respiratory Therapy
Peknik, Joel, Biomedical Engineering
Pena, Julia, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Penka, Lauren, Radiology General
Penland, Tim, Radiology General
Pennington, Ayana, Respiratory Therapy
Penny, Ruth, Interventional Radiology
Peoples, Jerrika, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Perez, Bradley, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Perry, Jake, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Perry, Mark, Radiology Faculty
Perumalla, Shalini, Rainbow 39 Pharmacy
Peskind, Jon, Interventional Radiology
Peterson, Arda, Lab Administration
Peterson, Jessica, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Peterson, Lynn, Interventional Radiology
Petillo, Jordan, Support Services, Clin Lab
Petry, Jillian, Rainbow 39 Pharmacy
Pham, Kaitlyn, Radiology General
Pierson, Claire, Cytogenetics
Pilcher, Michael, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Pimentel, Kimberly, Respiratory Therapy
Pippin, Kaley, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Pittrich, Sonja, Rehab Services Admin
Pokos, Teri, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Polo, Jennifer, Radiology Administration
Ponnala, Shivani, Lab Administration
Ponse, Stephanie, Sleep Disorders Center
Pope, Kristen, Radiology Faculty
Pope, Sarah, Respiratory Therapy
Porter, Andrew, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Potter, Katherine, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Prater, Nate, Respiratory Therapy
Pray, Rebecca, Radiology General
Prendergast, Meredith, MRI
Press, Bret, Nuclear Medicine
Preston, Ben, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Preston, Wahkinna, Support Services, Clin Lab
Price, Erin, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Primer, Shakeda, Support Services, Clin Lab
Profaizer, Melissa, Support Services, Clin Lab
Prosch, Jeff, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Prothe, Christina, Respiratory Therapy
Prothe, Kevin, Respiratory Therapy
Pryor Freels, Jessica, Rainbow 39 Pharmacy
Putzke, Kimberley, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Quick, Sara, Blood Bank
Quigley, Jamie, Pulmonary Function
Ragona, Jenny, Cytogenetics
Randall, Julie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Rasmussen, Christine, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Ray, Julie, MRI
Rayl, Nikki, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Rechtien, Katherine, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Redick, Mark, Radiology Faculty
Redmond, Kerry, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Reece, Jesse, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Reese, J.T., MRI
Reeser, Jennifer, Respiratory Therapy
Reeves, Alan, Radiology Faculty
Regier, Cheyenne, MRI
Reid, Raynell, Support Services, Clin Lab
REMOTE, TEG, Lab Administration
Resh, Adam, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Reust, Julie, Interventional Radiology
Revak, Ellen, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Rey, JP, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Reynolds, Heather, Rehab Serv- Occupational Therapy
Reynoldson, Jill, Rainbow 39 Pharmacy
Rhoden, Robyn, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Rhone, Brianna, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Rice, Kristin, Interventional Radiology
Richards, Amye, Sonography
Richards, Nathan, Respiratory Therapy
Richardson, Zylyn, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Riddle, Danielle, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Rieder, Megan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
RIEK, Amy, Westwood Radiology
Riemenschneider, Kimberly, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Riley, Linda, Lab Administration
Rimmington, Alexander, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Rinella, Nic, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Rissler, Shelby, Clinical Nutrition Service
Rittscher, Andrew, Respiratory Therapy
Rivette, Julian, Lab Administration
Roberts, Janis, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Roberts, Michael, Nuclear Medicine
Robertson, Kelly, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Robinson, Amanda, Interventional Radiology
Robinson, Joanna, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Robinson, Samuel, Sonography
Robinson, Stacy, Support Services, Clin Lab
Rocha, Paul, Respiratory Therapy
Rogers, Rachel, Radiology Support Staff
Rogers, Tyna, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Rohn, Tara, Imaging Center - West Plaza
Rohr, Aaron, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Rojas, Fred, Lab Administration
Rojas, Julie, Respiratory Therapy
Romero, Alma, Support Services, Clin Lab
Rosa, Eric, Blood Bank
Rosenthal, Stanton, Radiology Faculty
Ross, Stacey, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Rotrock, Michelle, Respiratory Therapy
Routh-Tilton, Tamara, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Rucks, Robin, Support Services, Clin Lab
Rudkin, Mitch, Nuclear Medicine
Ruff, Ron, Radiology Support Staff
Ruiz, Lyndsey, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Rummel, Gary, Sonography
Russell, Jennifer, Respiratory Therapy
Russell, Norma, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Russo, Jenni, Radiology General
Sage, Amber, Interventional Radiology
Sallas, Katie, Respiratory Therapy
Sanchez, Robert, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Sanders, Rebekah, Clinical Nutrition Service
Sandoval, Michelle, Support Services, Clin Lab
Sandy, Pam, Radiology General
Sarver, Tessa, Radiology General
Sattarin, Hameed, Interventional Radiology
Sauls, Gwendolyn, Radiology Administration
Saunders, Jewell, Westwood Radiology
Sawyer, Tama, Poison Control Center
Schaeffer, Eric, Support Services, Clin Lab
Scharnhorst, Paul, Respiratory Therapy
Schatzer, Amanda, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Scheer, TIANNE, Radiology General
Schendt, Lyndsey, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
SCHINDEL, ELAINE, Radiology Nursing
Schmitt, Kimberly, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Scholl, Trevor, Imaging Center - West Plaza
Schultz, Pat, Radiology Support Staff
Schultz, Rachel, Respiratory Therapy
Schulz, Trina, Rehab Services Admin
Schuman, Gregory, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Schwager, Kimberly, Respiratory Therapy
Scott, Aaron, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Scott, Leigh Anne, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Scrivo, Rachael, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Seals, Stephanie, Respiratory Therapy
Seibel, Nichole, Respiratory Therapy
Seiler, Adam, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Selbe, Diane, KU MedWest Radiology
Sellers, Nicholas, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Selsor, Alicia, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Sergiyenko, RACHEL, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Services, Lab Support, Support Services, Clin Lab
Shadwick, Jacquelyn, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Shah, Meera, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Shaikh, Hassaan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Shanks, Kevin, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Shelby, Erica, Support Services, Clin Lab
Shepherd, Tiffany, KU MedWest Lab
Shippy, Daniel, Sleep Disorders Center
Short, Mallory, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Shorter, Shauntene, Support Services, Clin Lab
Shrader, Julia, Blood Bank
Shubkagel, Kelle, Clinical Nutrition Service
Shull, Shaughnessey, Support Services, Clin Lab
Shumate, Kristian, Rehab Serv- Occupational Therapy
Siderides, Cate, Computed Tomography
Sidwell, Katilan, Radiology General
Siebel, Kelli, Interventional Radiology
Siemer, Lindsay, MRI
SIEMSEN, TESSA, Radiology Administration
Sievert, Samantha, Computed Tomography
Simmons, Jerome, Radiology Support Staff
Simonsen, Michelle, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Sims, Krystal, Interventional Radiology
Sims, Pavielle, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Sinnett, Audrey, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Sivilaisane, Manivanh, Radiology Support Staff
Skelton, Emma, Radiology General
Skretta, Kelly, Clinical Nutrition Service
Skrukrud, Carl, Radiology Nursing
Sleder, Pauline, Radiology Faculty
Smith, Allen, Westwood Radiology
Smith, Allison, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Smith, Camron, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Smith, Don, Support Services, Clin Lab
Smith, Eric, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Smith, Erin, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Smith, Genny, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Smith, Haley, Computed Tomography
Smith, Janelle, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Smith, Kailey, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Smith, Kelsey, Respiratory Therapy
Smith, Kimberly, Radiology Administration
Smith, Mark, Durable Medical Services
Smith, Marla, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Smith, Mikayla, Sonography
Smith, Stefanie, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Smith, Teri, Interventional Radiology
Smith, Yancey, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Smith, Zach, Radiology Administration
Solis, Ali, Computed Tomography
Sorrick, John, Respiratory Therapy
Soto, Sonia, Radiology Faculty
Soukup, Mikka, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Spade, Anne, Radiology Nursing
Spalding, Jacob, Radiology Administration
Spencer, Jayden, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Spresser, Carrie, Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuro
Stallbaumer, Bill, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Stallbaumer, Jareb, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Stallbaumer, Mark, Poison Control Center
Stampfel, Stephen, Respiratory Therapy
Stanwood, Jamea, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Stapel, Amy, Radiology General
Steel, Chelsea, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Stegman, Amy, Respiratory Therapy
Stenuf, Chaeli, Interventional Radiology
Sternberg, Danny, Biomedical Engineering
Stevens, Jay, Interventional Radiology
Stevenson, Sam, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Stimson, Meredith, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Stirton, Greg, Biomedical Engineering
Stockton, Eric, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Stone, Tyler, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Story, Grace, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Stout, Morgan, Support Services, Clin Lab
Stramel, Christoph, Respiratory Therapy
Strecker, Mindy, Respiratory Therapy
Strickland, Jabrea, Interventional Radiology
Stringfield, Arthur, Biomedical Engineering
Stun, Lucy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Su, Michelle, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Sullenger, Samantha, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Sulzen, Paul, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Suter, Martha, Westwood Radiology
Sztorch, Julie, KU MedWest Radiology
Talbo, Zandro, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Tate, Sarah, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Taylor, Brandy, Sleep Disorders Center
Taylor, Jackie, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Taylor, Lindsay, Pulmonary Function
Taylor, Tereye, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Tazkargy, Zak, Poison Control Center
Technician, Surg-Path, Cytogenetics
Technologist On-Call, Flow, Support Services, Clin Lab
Tegeler, Lindsey, Sonography
Teran, Erica, Cytology
Thao, Ker, Respiratory Therapy
Thiesse, Laura, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Thomas, Ada, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Thomas, Jason, Interventional Radiology
Thomas, Josie, Cytogenetics
Thomas, Nicole, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Thomas, Robin, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Thompson, Bonnie, Radiology Support Staff
Thompson, Charity, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Thompson, Rosemarie, Radiology Nursing
Thornton, Cherlyn, Radiology General
Thurlow, Shara, Support Services, Clin Lab
Tiller, Tierra, Rainbow 39 Pharmacy
Tilzer, Lowell, Lab Administration
Tinio, Moses, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Tinoco, Deann, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Tobin, Ryan, Radiology Arrowhead
Toews, Alec, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Tollman, Valerie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Tomchek, Scott, Rehab Serv- Occupational Therapy
Tomlinson, Alexia, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Torline, Kit, Interventional Radiology
Torneden, Erika, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Tran, Nancy, Cytogenetics
Trautman, Chad, Respiratory Therapy
Trautman, Matthew, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Travelute, Rebecca, Clinical Nutrition Service
Traylor, James, Radiology Administration
Trieu, Khai, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Trieu, LaVonne, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Troubleshooter, Phlebotomist, Support Services, Clin Lab
Troutt, Beth, Clinical Nutrition Service
Troy, Mark, Biomedical Engineering
Troyer, Traci, Cytogenetics
Trukshin, Arthur, Respiratory Therapy
Trumbo, Tiffany, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Tumanut, Stephanie, Radiology General
Turnbaugh, Jenna, Interventional Radiology
Turner, Katelyn, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Turner, Teresa, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Tuveson, Catie, Clinical Nutrition Service
Tyler, Caitlin, Clinical Nutrition Service
Uhlman, Morgan, Interventional Radiology
Ullman, Sara, Rainbow 39 Pharmacy
Unklesbay, Alicia, Interventional Radiology
Unruh, Brady, Radiology General
Upton, Alaina, Computed Tomography
Vadaparampil, John, Radiology Faculty
Vadnais, Shellie, Cytology
Valentine, Tanika, Computed Tomography
Van Kirk, Julie, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
VanBuskirk, Shannon, Rehab Serv- Physical Therapy
Vance, Helen, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Vandermeer, Kevin, Biomedical Engineering
Vasquez, Nicole, Respiratory Therapy
Vasquez, Vanessa, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Vazquez, Marissa, Support Services, Clin Lab
Vickers, Taylor, Rehab Serv- Occupational Therapy
Villanueva, Ma Melva, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Vineyard, Linda, Support Services, Clin Lab
Vlasak, Joseph, Interventional Radiology
Vomhof, Reed, Interventional Radiology
Vongsena, Maniphab, Interventional Radiology
Vu, Anh, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Wagner, Debbie, Home Infusion Pharmacy
Wagner, Melissa, IP Rehab Services Admin
Wagner, Tamatha, Respiratory Therapy
Wainscott, Bobbie Jean, Poison Control Center
Walker, Allen, Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuro
Walker, Amanda, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Walker, James, Nuclear Medicine
Walker, Kate, Biomedical Engineering Administrati
Walker, Monica, KU MedWest Radiology
Walmann, Timothy, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Walter, Carissa, Radiology Faculty
Walter, Matthew, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Walters, Nicole, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Walton, Ashton, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Wano, Ben, Respiratory Therapy
Ward, Carime, Respiratory Therapy
Ward, Josh, Respiratory Therapy
Warren, Amanda, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Warren, Christin, Respiratory Therapy
Warren, Maya, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Waters, Melissa, Radiology Nursing
Watkins, Kelli, Interventional Radiology
Watson, Ashley, Radiology General
Watson, Elizabeth, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Watson, Quiana, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Watson, Spencer, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Watson, Whitney, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Watterson, Benjamin, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Wayman, Sarah, Radiology Nursing
Weaver, Lura, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Webb, Sydney, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Wedel, Kylie, Respiratory Therapy
Weekley, Rashid, Respiratory Therapy
Welch, Kathryn, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Weller, Brandi, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Wen, Vittoria, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Wenzel, Riley, Nuclear Medicine
Werner, Elizabeth, Interventional Radiology
Werner, Gregg, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Weroha, Dave, Lab Administration
WERTH, JESSICA, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Werth, Kyle, Radiology Residents/Fellows
West, Adam, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Wetzel, Louis, Radiology Faculty
White, Jennifer, Respiratory Therapy
White, Jessica, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
White, Kathy, Poison Control Center
Whitford, Liz, Support Services, Clin Lab
Whitman, Bob, Pulmonary Function
Whitman, Lauren, Clinical Nutrition Service
Whitney, Amy, Radiology Support Staff
Whitten, Cole, Respiratory Therapy
Widener, Michelle, Respiratory Therapy
Wiedel, Anthony, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Wiegers, Autumn, Computed Tomography
Wiggins, Renee, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Wilburn, Kim, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Wilczynska, Patrycja, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Wilhite, James, Lab Administration
Wilkerson, Doretha, Radiology Support Staff
Wilkinson, Samaneh, Pharmacy Outpatient Services
Willett, Emily, Radiology Nursing
Williams, Amelia, Support Services, Clin Lab
Williams, Evan, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Williams, Jamela, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Williams, Kristin, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Williams, Lindsey, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Williams, Vanessa, Radiology Faculty
Williams, Yonnie, Support Services, Clin Lab
Williamson, Carlotta, Cytology
Willis, KATHY, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Willis, Mindy, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Willis, Stephanie, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Wilmes, Amber, Interventional Radiology
Wilson, Alfreda, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Wilson, Amanda, Surg Path Clinical Laboratory
Wilson, Barbie, Blood Bank
Wilson, John, Respiratory Therapy
Wilson, Marsha, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Wilson, Matthew, KU MedWest Lab
Winblad, Onalisa, Radiology Faculty
Winemiller, Dan, Radiology General
Winkler, Mark, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Winright, Stephanie, Outpatient Burn & Wound Care Center
Wise, Sara, Biomedical Engineering Administrati
Witham, Ashley, Interventional Radiology
Wize, Candice, Blood Bank
Wolf, Laurie, Blood Bank
Wolken, Kaitlyn, Respiratory Therapy
Wong, Edric, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Wood, Haley, Bacteriology/Immuno/Virol
Wood, Trisha, Clinical Nutrition Service
Woodard, Kelsey, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Woolsoncroft, Charles, Interventional Radiology
Worley, Cole, Radiology Residents/Fellows
Worner, Traci, Pulmonary Function
Wright, Jean, Interventional Radiology
Wrigley, Paula, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Wroten, Shelby, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Yaksic, Christy, Pharmacy Inpatient Services
Yang, Khou, Respiratory Therapy
Yang, Raymond, Interventional Radiology
Yantzi, Rachael, Respiratory Therapy
Yap, Wendell, Radiology Faculty
Yesenosky, Pat, Stem Cell/Pheresis Lab
Young, Michael, Respiratory Therapy
Youngberg, Melissa, Respiratory Therapy
Yu, Nicholas, Blood Bank
Zauchenberger, Michael, Core Laboratory, Clin Lab
Zentz, Jennifer, Rehab Services Admin
Zeyen, Brooke, Radiology General