Division of Facilities Management

Main Phone:
Mailing address:
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Physical address:
Delp Pavilion
3901 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
Directory Contact(s):

  • If contact information for the individual you wish to reach is not displayed, call 913-588-5000 and request to be connected.
  • For appointments with clinical care units, please call 913-588-1227.

Abel, Ted, FM Maintenance Management
Arbuckle, Leigh Ann, FM Design; Planning and Constructio
Astorga, Juan, FM Business Operations
Beaird, Robert, FM Maintenance Management
Blackmer, Jeff, FM Maintenance Management
Bliss, Michael, FM Purchased Services
Bogart, Scott, FM Maintenance and Operations
Brown, Steve, FM Key/Sign Services
Carmona, Candelario, Landscape Services
Carmona, Esteban, Landscape Services
Cisneros, Jose, FM South Zone Maintenance
Cisneros, Rudolfo, FM Jayhawk Construction
Clune, Dennis, FM North Zone Maintenance
Conley, Prince, FM Night Weekend Maintenance
Cotton, Michael, FM Maintenance Management
Daugherty, Bryan, FM Jayhawk Construction
DeLorenzi, Stephen, FM Maintenance Management
Dietz, Derek, FM South Zone Maintenance
Dingus, Mike, FM Maintenance Management
Dorsett, Samuel, FM Central Zone Maintenance
Earring, Wesley, FM Applegate Energy Center
Enns, Douglas, FM Applegate Energy Center
Epperson, Keith, FM Business Operations
Flandez, Juan, FM Jayhawk Construction
Flint, Nicholas, FM Night Weekend Maintenance
Flores, Juan, FM Jayhawk Construction
Fowler, Ronn, FM Maintenance Management
Franklin, Greg, FM Maintenance Management
Franklin, Robert, FM Construction Support Services
Fuimaono, Mateo, FM Central Zone Maintenance
Gonzalez, Adelio, Landscape Services
Guillory, Earl, FM Central Zone Maintenance
Harbrucker, James, FM Applegate Energy Center
Hardesty, Diana, FM Planning and Design
Hardesty, Richard, FM South Zone Maintenance
Harmeyer, Chris, Landscape Services
Hawthorne, James, FM Business Operations
Henre, Richard, FM Jayhawk Construction
Hernandez-Juarez, Abel, FM Jayhawk Construction
Hicks, David, FM North Zone Maintenance
Holmberg, Pekka, FM Jayhawk Construction
Holmes, Ralph, Landscape Services
Holmes, William, FM Maintenance Management
Hunter, Gerald, FM Night Weekend Maintenance
Hutchins, Reginald, FM Jayhawk Construction
Ingram, Glen, FM North Zone Maintenance
Josephson, Nan, FM Planning and Design
Kapp, Brent, FM North Zone Maintenance
King, Ryan, FM Central Zone Maintenance
Lacy, Gerry, FM North Zone Maintenance
Lenz, William, FM BAS System Management
Lopez Jr, Santiago, Landscape Services
Love, Alvin, FM Facilities Services
Ludwig, Matt, FM Central Zone Maintenance
Lyons, Dennis, FM Applegate Energy Center
Mauslein, Allen, FM Construction Support Services
Maxwell, Dewayne, FM North Zone Maintenance
McEachron, Kathy, FM Business Operations
Monley, Sean, FM Applegate Energy Center
Morgan, James, University Dock Operations
Murphy, Dennis, FM BAS System Management
Okunoren, Margaret, FM Business Operations
Pearce, Angella, FM Maintenance Management
Puhr, Chris, FM Business Operations
Rau, David, FM Design; Planning and Constructio
Rittenhouse, William, FM South Zone Maintenance
Robinson, Antonio, University Dock Operations
Ross, Clifford, University Dock Operations
Schryer, Maria, FM BAS System Management
Sharma, Manu, FM Planning and Design
Smith, Chris, University Dock Operations
Smith, Larry, FM Central Zone Maintenance
Smith, LaWayne, FM Central Zone Maintenance
Thomas, Vince, FM Maintenance and Operations
Toledano, Raymundo, FM Night Weekend Maintenance
Tow, Eric, Landscape Services
Turner, David, FM Applegate Energy Center
VanBuren, Cranston, FM Applegate Energy Center
Vue, Kao, FM Night Weekend Maintenance
Wells, Carlos, University Dock Operations
Willett, Matthew, FM North Zone Maintenance
Woodworth, Adlai, FM Planning and Design
Zumalt, John, FM South Zone Maintenance