Controller's Office

Main Phone:
Mailing address:
2100 West 36 Avenue Kansas City KS 66160
Physical address:
2100 West 36 Avenue Kansas City KS 66160
Directory Contact(s):

Arbuckle, Dan, PeopleSoft Administrative Support
Arnold, Lisa, Student Financial Accounting
Atkins, Jackie, PeopleSoft Administrative Support
Brindle, Morgaine, Payroll
Cannon, Rachel, Control and Reporting
Cole, Yolande, Control and Reporting
Cook, Jeanne, Payroll
Craig, Becky, Control and Reporting
Fitzsimmons, Keith, Student Financial Accounting
Funderburke, Toni, Accounts Payable
Girgis, Katherine, Control and Reporting
Hayslip, Diana, Student Financial Accounting
Johnson, Karen, Payroll
King, JoAnn, Payroll
Leak, Shawntee, Payroll
Levy, Steven, Student Financial Accounting
Lyman, Tanya, Accounts Payable
Mathew, Elizabeth, Control and Reporting
Miller, Charles, Accounts Payable
Montfoort Paige, Jackie, Payroll
Murphy, Kelly, Payroll
Sallee, Carrie, PeopleSoft Administrative Support
Shields, Sherrie, Accounts Payable
Stafford, Kent, PeopleSoft Administrative Support
West, Shanice, Control and Reporting
Winter, Debbie, Payroll
Winter, Joy, Payroll
Woodyard, Kenda, Accounts Payable
Wright, Havis, Accounts Payable