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Landon Center on Aging
3599 Rainbow Boulevard Kansas City KS 66160
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  • If contact information for the individual you wish to reach is not displayed, call 913-588-5000 and request to be connected.
  • For appointments with clinical care units, please call 913-588-1227.

MICHAEL ABRAHAM, Assistant Professor
Srijan Adhikari, Resident
Dipika Aggarwal, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ernesto Alonso Labori, Resident
Anne Arthur, Nurse Practitioner
Natalya Bailey, Clinical Research Coordinator
Richard Barohn, Gertrude and Dewey Ziegler Professo
Megan Baumgardner, Dementia Fellow
Annette Becker, Project Director
Michael Bellew, Resident
Brennen Bittel, Clinical Assistant Professor
Aiden Bondurant, Clinical Research Coordinator
Rebecca Bothwell, Project Manager
Sherri Braksick, Assistant Professor NeuroICU
Briana Bright, Clinical Research Recrutiment
William Brooks, Professor
Tekk Burka, Resident
Dave Burkett, Clinical Licensed Social Worker
Jeff Burns, Edward H. Hashinger Professor of Ne
Andrew Cease, CMH - Peds Neurology Resident
Ben Chapin, Resident
In-Young Choi, Associate Professor
Cassandra Clark, Research Assistant
Hamza Coban, Resident
Michael Cooper, student
Kelly Corzine, MS Achievement Center Program Manag
Melissa Currence, Clinical Evaluator
Aisha Diawara, Resident
Art Dick, Professor
Mazen Dimachkie, Professor
Mary Dimachkie, Senior Coordinator
Heather Dodds, Rehab Assistant
Nicholas Doher, student
Kristine Domingo, Resident
Phaedra Dowell, Movement Disorders Fellow
Richard Dubinsky, Professor
Olivia Eller-Smith, Graduate Research Assistant
Daniel Elliott, student
Santiago Escobar, Administrative Assistant
Sonya Fabricius, Executive Assistant to the Chairman
Nida Faheem, Resident
Constantine Farmakidis, Assistant Professor
Mark Farrenburg, Resident
Deetra Ford, Clinical Assistant Professor
Alexandra Fowler, Research Assistant
Andrea Freemyer, Student
Isabella Fuentes, Research Assistant
Summer Gernon, Research Assistant
Trevor Gerson, Resident
Melanie Glenn, Clinical Assistant Professor
Weston Gordon, Resident
Akeisha Gratts, Administrative Assistant
Carolyn Gray, Clinical Research Nurse
Alison Greenlief,
Gary Gronseth, Professor and Chairman
Vernita Hairston, Clinical Assistant Professor
Anai Hamasaki, Neurophysiology Fellow
Nancy Hammond, Associate Professor
Nicholas Hanna, Research Assistant
Tania Haque, Clinical Research Coordinator
Yolanda Harness, Clinical Research Coordinator
Mohamed Hegazy, Clinical Assistant Professor
Andrew Heim, Clinical Research Coordinator
Laura Herbelin, EMG Technician and Research Instruc
Kiley Higgs, Project Manager
Kathrin Husmann, Assistant Professor
Duaa Jabari, Assistant Professor
Yasir Jassam, Assistant Professor
Omar Jawdat, Assistant Professor
Casey John, Exercise Research Coordinator
Ted Kimble, Development Director - Neuroscience
Kathryn Kimrey, Resident
Scott Koppel, student
PATRICK LANDAZURI, Clinical Assistant Professor
April Langhammer, Clinical Research Coordinator
Ryan Lay, Resident
Colleen Lechtenberg, Assistant Professor
Jane Ledesma, Research Assistant
Nicholas Levine, Research Assistant
Tina Liu, Research Assistant
Tara Logan, Senior Coordinator
Sharon Lynch, Professor and Director of MS Center
Kelly Lyons, Research Professor and Director of
Laith Maali, Assistant Professor
Monika Manchanda, Resident
Emmanuel Mantilla, Resident
Judy Markwardt-Oberheu, MS Center Director
Brenton Massey, Resident
Ayla McCalley, Research Assistant
Paula Mengel, Administrative Officer
Kayla Meyer, Research Assistant
Prompan Mingbunjerdsuk, Resident
Jill Morris, Post-doctoral fellow
Robert Murphy, Neurophysiology Fellow
Deepti Nagesh, MD, CMH Neurology Resident
Muhammad Nashatizadeh, Clinical Assistant Professor, Assoc
Christopher Neal, Graduate Research Assistant
Yana Nesterenko, Resident
Samantha Nguyen, Former Student
Aaron Noll, CMH - Peds Neurology Residents
Lindsay Page, Research Nurse Practitioner
Rajesh Pahwa, Professor and Director
Chad Parks, Project Manager
Mamatha Pasnoor, Assistant Professor
Aparna Pendurthi, Instructor
Joseph Pleen, Resident
Abid Qureshi, Assistant Professor
Lindsay Richardson, Clinical Research Coordinator
Michael Rippee, Assistant Professor
Lee Rosterman, Clinical Assistant Professor
Vishal Saini, Resident
Hala Samman, Resident
Rachel Sandoval, LEAP! Coordinator
Lisa Schmidt, Research Nurse Coordinator
Amanda Sebok, Executive Assistant
Shamik Shah, Resident
Bhavana Sharma, Resident
Vibhash Sharma, Clinical Assistant Professor
Kartavya Sharma, Clinical Assistant Professor
Jill Sibley, Research Assistant
Mark-Victor Siwoski, Resident
Sabreena Slavin, Assistant Professor
JAMES SOUTHWELL, Comprehensive Spine Clinic
Jeffrey Statland, Assistant Professor
Suzanne Stevens, Clinical Assistant Professor, Direc
Monica Strathman, Budget Analyst
Russell Swerdlow, Gene and Marge Sweeney Professor of
Phyllis Switzer, Psychometrician
Charlotte Talley, Administrative Assistant
Hellen Tanui, Clinical Research Coordinator
Joanie Thelen, Research Assistant
Ashley Thompson, Clinical Care Study Coordinator
Amanda Thuringer, Resident
Jennifer Tuttle, Clinical Research Coordinator
Carol Ulloa, Director, Associate Professor
Amber Unrein, Psychometrician
Utku Uysal, Assistant Professor
Matthew Varon, Resident
Eric Vidoni, Research Assistant Professor
Nathaniel Wachter, Resident
Maureen Walsh, Neuromuscular Research Coordinator
Yunxia Wang, Associate Professor
Ian Weidling, Research Assistant
Vonda Whitley, RN, Clinical Research Coordinator
Heather Wilkins, Post Doc, Neurology
Pau Yen Wu, student
JoEllen Wurth, Research Assistant

Adhikari, Srijan, Neurology
Adkins, Candra, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Aggarwal, Dipika, Neurology
Aggarwal, Dipika, Neurology - Indian Creek Clinic
Alonso Labori, Ernesto, Neurology
Anderson, Heidi, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Arthur, Anne, Neurology
Arthur, Anne, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Bailey, Natalya, Neurology
Bailey, Natalya, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Barohn, Richard, Neurology
Baumgardner, Megan, Neurology
Becker, Annette, Neurology
Becker, Annette, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Bellew, Michael, Neurology
Bittel, Brennen, Neurology
Bittel, Brennen, Neurology - Indian Creek Clinic
Blocker, Erin, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Bondurant, Aiden, Neurology
Bondurant, Aiden, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Bothwell, Rebecca, Neurology
Bothwell, Rebecca, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Braksick, Sherri, Neurology
Bright, Briana, Neurology
Brooks, William, Neurology
Burka, Tekk, Neurology
Burkett, Dave, Neurology
Burns, Jeff, Neurology
Burns, Jeff, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Cease, Andrew, Neurology
Chapin, Ben, Neurology
Choi, In-Young, Neurology
Christian, Arianna, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Clark, Cassandra, Neurology
Clutton, Jonathan, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Coban, Hamza, Neurology
Cooper, Michael, Neurology
Corzine, Kelly, Neurology
Currence, Melissa, Neurology
Diawara, Aisha, Neurology
Dick, Art, Neurology
Dimachkie, Mary, Neurology
Dimachkie, Mazen, Neurology
Dodds, Heather, Neurology
Doher, Nicholas, Neurology
Domingo, Kristine, Neurology
Dowell, Phaedra, Neurology
Dubinsky, Richard, Neurology
Egan, Haley, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Eller-Smith, Olivia, Neurology
Elliott, Daniel, Neurology
Escobar, Santiago, Neurology
Fabricius, Sonya, Neurology
Faheem, Nida, Neurology
Farmakidis, Constantine, Neurology
Farrenburg, Mark, Neurology
Ford, Deetra, Neurology
Ford, Deetra, Neurology - Indian Creek Clinic
Fowler, Alexandra, Neurology
Freemyer, Andrea, Neurology
Freund, Jennifer, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Fuentes, Isabella, Neurology
Gernon, Summer, Neurology
Gerson, Trevor, Neurology
Glenn, Melanie, Neurology
Glenn, Melanie, Neurology - Indian Creek Clinic
Gordon, Weston, Neurology
Gratts, Akeisha, Neurology
Gray, Carolyn, Neurology
Greenlief, Alison, Neurology
Gronseth, Gary, Neurology
Hairston, Vernita, Neurology
Hamasaki, Anai, Neurology
Hammond, Nancy, Neurology
Hammond, Nancy, Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Hanna, Nicholas, Neurology
Haque, Tania, Neurology
Harness, Yolanda, Neurology
Hegazy, Mohamed, Neurology
Heim, Andrew, Neurology
Herbelin, Laura, Neurology
Higgs, Kiley, Neurology
Husmann, Kathrin, Neurology
Jabari, Duaa, Neurology
Jassam, Yasir, Neurology
Jawdat, Omar, Neurology
John, Casey, Neurology
Kimble, Ted, Neurology
Kimble, Ted, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Kimrey, Kathryn, Neurology
Koppel, Scott, Neurology
LANDAZURI, PATRICK, Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
LANDAZURI, PATRICK, Neurology - Indian Creek Clinic
Langhammer, April, Neurology
Lay, Ryan, Neurology
Lechtenberg, Colleen, Neurology
Ledesma, Jane, Neurology
Levine, Nicholas, Neurology
Liu, Tina, Neurology
Logan, Tara, Neurology
Lynch, Sharon, Neurology
Lyons, Kelly, Neurology
Maali, Laith, Neurology
Manchanda, Monika, Neurology
Mantilla, Emmanuel, Neurology
Markwardt-Oberheu, Judy, Neurology
Massey, Brenton, Neurology
McCalley, Ayla, Neurology
McClellan, Mark, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Mengel, Paula, Neurology
Meyer, Kayla, Neurology
Meyer, Kayla, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Mingbunjerdsuk, Prompan, Neurology
Morris, Jill, Neurology
Morris, Jill, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Murphy, Robert, Neurology
Nagesh, Deepti, Neurology
Nashatizadeh, Muhammad, Neurology
Neal, Christopher, Neurology
Nesterenko, Yana, Neurology
Nguyen, Samantha, Neurology
Noll, Aaron, Neurology
Page, Lindsay, Neurology
Pahwa, Rajesh, Neurology
Parks, Chad, Neurology
Pasnoor, Mamatha, Neurology
Pendurthi, Aparna, Neurology
Perales, Jaime, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Pleen, Joseph, Neurology
Pollard, James, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Qureshi, Abid, Neurology
Reiter, Michelle, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Richardson, Lindsay, Neurology
Rippee, Michael, Neurology
Rosterman, Lee, Neurology
Saini, Vishal, Neurology
Samman, Hala, Neurology
Sandoval, Rachel, Neurology
Sandoval, Rachel, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Schmidt, Lisa, Neurology
Sebok, Amanda, Neurology
Shah, Shamik, Neurology
Sharma, Bhavana, Neurology
Sharma, Kartavya, Neurology
Sharma, Vibhash, Neurology
Sherry, Erica, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Sibley, Jill, Neurology
Siwoski, Mark-Victor, Neurology
Slavin, Sabreena, Neurology
SOUTHWELL, JAMES, Spine Center Clinic
Statland, Jeffrey, Neurology
Stevens, Suzanne, Neurology
Stevens, Suzanne, Sleep Medicine Clinic
Strathman, Monica, Neurology
Swerdlow, Russell, Neurology
Swerdlow, Russell, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Switzer, Phyllis, Neurology
Switzer, Phyllis, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Talley, Charlotte, Neurology
Talley, Charlotte, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Tanui, Hellen, Neurology
Thelen, Joanie, Neurology
Thompson, Ashley, Neurology
Thompson, Ashley, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Thuringer, Amanda, Neurology
Tuttle, Jennifer, Neurology
Ulloa, Carol, Neurology
Ulloa, Carol, Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Unrein, Amber, Neurology
Uysal, Utku, Neurology
Uysal, Utku, Comprehensive Epilepsy Center
Varon, Matthew, Neurology
Vidoni, Eric, Neurology
Vidoni, Eric, Alzheimer's Disease Center
Wachter, Nathaniel, Neurology
Walsh, Maureen, Neurology
Wang, Yunxia, Neurology
Weidling, Ian, Neurology
Whitley, Vonda, Neurology
Wilkins, Heather, Neurology
Wu, Pau Yen, Neurology
Wurth, JoEllen, Neurology