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Table of Genetic Disorders: Check here for the rare genetic diseases that commonly show up on the USMLE.
Table of Nephrotic and Nephritic Syndromes: Check here for a nice summary of those confusing renal glomerular diseases. Thanks to Ximena Aguilera and Eric Eskioglu (K98) for providing the table.
Table of Other Bugs: Here is a short table of some of the rarer bacteria that have appeared on the USMLE, but that are not on the main Bacteriology Table of Bugs.

Other People's Pages:  
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Table of Named Diseases and Hallmark Findings: Milton Wolf's excellent table of all those diseases and physical findings that are named after people and are hard to remember. This study guide can be read online or you can download it (MS-Word format).  Milton Wolf 

Important Links in USMLE Review: 
Student to Student Medical Web: The home-page from the authors of First Aid for the Boards, the bible of review books for the USMLE! The site contains up-to-date information, corrections, and additions for the First Aid book, as well as info about the USMLE in general, links, and info about other publications.
Sorry! I don't know of any websites you can use to review for USMLE Step II! If you ever find one, please let me know, and I will link to it.